Kara Market


If you have a ceremony, marriage, birthday, anniversary, or religious holiday, and you need livestock for your celebration, then Kara Market is your best bet. It is the biggest livestock market in Lagos and you can get cows, rams and goats at great prices.

The market is located in the outskirts of the state, after Berger and can be hard to navigate. Apart from the dirty floors due to the animal droppings, it also has a very pungent smell that you can’t escape. The good news is that you get used to it after a few visits.

Arguably the most popular cattle market in South-Western Nigeria. What typically identifies the market for many is the Kara Bridge, which was constructed by the Murtala Mohammed-led military administration but commissioned by General Olusegun Obasanjo.

The area is popular among many travellers entering or exiting Lagos State from the Eastern, Southern and Northern parts of Nigeria because of its notoriety for traffic congestion, which is sometimes induced during festivities.

During Islamic festivities such as Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Kabir, the Kara Cattle Market is usually turned into a hive of activities as Muslims from neighbouring states converge on the market to purchase rams, goats, cows and other livestock which will be offered as a sacrifice for the respective celebration.

Apart from livestock, sellers of other varieties of foodstuffs, particularly pepper, have also strategically positioned themselves close to the livestock traders to court market goers and shoppers.

Security/Safety of Kara Market                        

  • This is a very safe location.
  • Ensure you keep your distance from the animals.
  • Be careful with your belongings as the area is prone to pickpockets.
  • Avoid swampy areas as many insects can harm you.
  •  Go with two or more people.

Kara is the number one spot to buy Cows in Lagos, with a large number of livestock owners gathering here daily. When it is close to festive periods, the number of vendors and animals increases at an exponential rate and the gathering is a site to behold.

If you want to buy Cows that are matured and have a lot of meat in them, then visit Kara market.


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