About Purple Maryland


This edifice was previously known as Maryland Shopping Mall and was opened in 2016, it was changed to Purple Maryland on October 1st 2020. It is a lovely place to shop, work and enjoy yourself as verified by Naijassador. Strategically located to conveniently serve the shopping and leisure needs of Maryland, Mende, Ikeja, Anthony and Ilupeju environs, Purple Maryland offers you a new refreshing shopping and leisure experience on the mainland.

The carefully designed masterpiece is home to over 50 shopping outlets, banks, restaurants, workspaces, a supermarket and a state-of-the-art cinema facility all carefully selected with your leisure and shopping needs in mind.

Purple Maryland has been designed with a vision similar to that which built the city of Dubai: “Build it and they shall come!”. This thinking is engraved in the architectural design of the building, the careful selection of leisure and shopping outlets to be located within the mall; and the fact that the mall hoists the largest digital LED screen in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Visible to both sides of the voluminous Ikorodu Road traffic, this screen is guaranteed to be a must-see major landmark on the mainland.

Purple Maryland has been designed with every bit of your comfort and convenience in mind. Its convenient location, internal ambience, exterior illumination and generous parking facilities have been carefully designed to ensure every visit to the mall will leave you longing for the next.


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