Why Illiterate Men Prefer Educated Women As Wives In Nigeria


One common thing is the fact that any slightest show of intelligence is seen as the greatest thing to less intelligent people. It’s not just uneducated men who love educated women. Education can be attractive because it shows intelligence, ambition, and a thirst for knowledge. It can lead to interesting conversations and a deeper connection. Plus, having an educated partner can also bring new perspectives and enrich a relationship, and who doesn’t love an enriching partner?

Men love educated women because education brings knowledge, confidence, and the ability to engage in meaningful conversations. An educated woman can inspire and challenge her partner, fostering personal growth and intellectual stimulation. Plus, education often leads to exposure and better career opportunities.

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Intellectual stimulation

Educated women know how to engage in meaningful conversations, share knowledge, and challenge uneducated men to grow intellectually. One personal realization I have is that men love a woman that they feel is “the prize”. So, it not only challenges them to do better, but it also makes them feel proud. Imagine a man introducing his wife and his friends start praising her, and tell him that he married a rare woman. Now that’s impressive.

Shared goals and values

Education often instills a sense of ambition, drive, and a desire for personal growth. Marrying an educated woman means having a partner who shares similar aspirations and values.

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Financial stability

Many educated women have successful careers, which contributes to financial stability and a secure future for both partners. It makes the weight the man has to carry less and more comfortable. Everybody wants a partner that they can be financially stable with.

Support and understanding

Education often gives birth to open-mindedness and better communication skills. An educated woman can be a supportive and understanding partner who helps her husband solve challenges and celebrate successes together.

Role model for children

An educated woman will always be an exemplary model to her kids. The way she carries herself with grace and beauty will leave her children acting like that too. If you plan to have children, an educated woman can serve as a positive role model, emphasizing the importance of education and inspiring them to pursue their dreams.

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These benefits can apply to both partners in a relationship. It’s all about finding someone who shares your values and supports your personal growth.

Written by Dike Ijeoma


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