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Kunle Afolayan is a well-known Nigerian filmmaker who has done exceptionally good work that has changed the course of the Nigerian film industry which everyone knows as Nollywood.

Afolayan has been a leading light in the international promotion of Nigerian cinema for more than two decades, absorbing new trends while applying traditional storytelling and solid production qualities to put his movies on the global map. In this write-up by Naijassador, we dive into his background, career accomplishments and knowledge about movies.

Early Life and Background

Kunle Afolayan was born on September 30, 1974, in Lagos Nigeria. The actor comes from a family with a rich cinematic heritage; his father Adeyemi Afolayan, otherwise known as “Ade Love,” was a well-known Nigerian actor, dramatist and producer.

At a young age, Kunle’s exposure to the film industry triggered an early love for storytelling and filmmaking. After graduating, he chased a career in banking before the creative bug bit and he carved out his path, similarly to his father. He then honed his craft by attending the New York Film Academy, giving him the technical training and inspired development that he needed for his future in films.

Rise to Prominence

Afolayan started as an actor in Tunde Kelani’s 1999 classic “Saworoide.” After this experience, he was inspired to make filmmaking his career. He wrote and directed his debut feature film, the critically acclaimed “Irapada,” which means “Redemption” in Yoruba, in 2005. It was a supernatural thriller, unlike anything that had previously come out of Nollywood and demonstrated Afolayan’s individual voice and storytelling ability.

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Major Works and Achievements

The 2009 film “The Figurine: Araromire” was a breakout success for the filmmaker. Not only did it win several awards, but broke new ground in Nollywood to set a higher benchmark for production values and storytelling. It had only been distributed in Nigerian cinemas with limited releases for two weeks and became a critical success receiving praise for its originality and technical prowess. In 2012, he was again on the turn behind the camera as assistant producer of the globally acclaimed and selected film at the Cannes Film Festival; Phones Swap. The comedy film went a long way in finally solidifying him as a director who knows his onions when it comes to filmmaking.

Afolayan released the historical thriller “October 1” in 2014 which was inspired by facts surrounding Nigeria’s independence. The film was critically acclaimed for its story, authenticity and production albeit it contained some changes. Receiving some nominations, the film won several awards including the Africa Movie Academy Awards for Best Nigerian Film. His 2016 film, “The CEO”, also showed him as one of the continent’s leading filmmakers. Focusing on themes of corporate politics and identity, the movie first premiered onboard an Air France flight from Lagos to Paris, giving evidence to Afolayan’s unconventional approach to promoting films.


Contributions to Nollywood

The Influence of Kunle Afolayan in Nollywood is not limited to his movies a vocal proponent of raising production standards and industry-level training. His company Golden Effects Pictures has mentored many young filmmakers and given them a platform to sharpen their skills and contribute to the industry.

The work of Afolayan has been vital in redeeming the image of Nollywood films on the global stage. His focus on good production values, original stories and professional training has encouraged filmmakers to up their game – improving the general standards of Nigerian cinema as a whole.

Afolayan’s films have garnered international acclaim. In 2021, he signed a landmark deal with Netflix to produce three original films. This deal signifies Afolayan’s expanding reach and his role in introducing Nigerian cinema to a global audience.

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Kunle Afolayan is a true visionary. He has redefined what Nigerian cinema can be. His commitment to quality storytelling, innovative filmmaking techniques, and social consciousness has not only earned him accolades but has also inspired a new wave of filmmakers who are pushing Nollywood towards a brighter future.

Personal Life

Kunle Afolayan was previously married and has four children. Despite his busy schedule, he remains dedicated to his family and often shares insights into his personal life and professional journey on social media. His first daughter, Eyiyemi Afolayan is also following in her father’s footsteps as a filmmaker. His love for Nigerian culture and heritage is evident in his films, which often explore themes related to Yoruba traditions and history.


Kunle Afolayan’s journey from a banker to a celebrated filmmaker is a testament to his passion, creativity, and determination. His work has entertained audiences and pushed the boundaries of what is possible in Nollywood. As he continues to innovate and inspire, Afolayan remains a key figure in the evolution of Nigerian cinema, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and paving the way for future generations of filmmakers.

Written by Sarah Aboje


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