Inflation On The Increase In Nigeria


    Inflation is the rise or increase in prices of goods or products it could even result in to increase in the price of service rendering, most often this results in a high cost of living which might often make life difficult and in some cases horrible, well that’s the current situation of Nigeria that we are in at the moment.

    One of the ways to curb the issues of inflation is to live according to your means, people generally desire the good things in life which is a great thing but then most often we have little or no means through which we would survive despite this most people will still go on ahead even with the little they have to get expensive stuffs for themselves which in most cases will result to them being in lack and always needy, if precaution isn’t taken well this might lead to poverty and hugely put one in debt.

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    Inflation in a country might not necessarily be the fault of the citizens in a country most often it is the result of the government of that country and probably the harsh policies of the country; corrupt leadership also contributes.

    This might sound funny but it’s very true, in a country like Nigeria my country once there is a hike in any good, it in most cases rarely comes down, so one has to always be ready to adjust to the situation of the country all the time.

    Inflation is a very problematic situation in any country, some people are already finding it hard to feed themselves more in the hike of the prices of goods this in most cases leaves them hopeless and in shambles.


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