The Power Of Words


“Be careful with your words. Once they are said, they can only be forgiven, not forgotten “~Anonymous

Words are made from a collection of different letters to form sounds. They can be written or spoken, but whichever form they’re presented they usually have an unforgettable effect on their recipients.

Have you ever been hurt by someone’s statement? Has your alignment towards achieving a task been distorted because of someone’s words? This is just a little showoff of the word power.

Words can make or mar an individual or a thing. They are like flames of fire that when not controlled can set a whole empire ablaze. They are also like cold water, flowing down the throat of a tired man, reviving him again.

The efficacy of words in our present-day Nigeria, in this aspect, positive words, cannot be over-emphasized; let’s say you’re the kind that lives and breeds with positive affirmations and words, just keep on and watch how in no distant time your life will turn around for good and better.

Be mindful of your words. A simple ” thank you ” can perform wonders. A simple ” I’m sorry ” can do awesome things. Do you know that the words ” you’re useless ” can make one commit suicide? Do you know that ” we shall see ” can land you in trouble you can’t run from? Let’s not even go to the side where parents abuse and insult their children, some even go as far as to lay curses on these innocent ones, little did they know they were doing those things back to themselves.

So, imagine a suffering parent laying curses on their child who is somewhat wayward that it’s not going to be well with them; well if everything did not eventually go well for them, I guess we all know who will face the consequence, the parents!

Words are powerful and shouldn’t be misused or abused, they can cause damage beyond your imagination.  I know and have heard of stories of words causing damage to people, so going the extreme length of even taking their lives, is so unwise to do, but then amid all these people should learn to control their tongues and the words that come out from them; that being said one must know that humans won’t stop being humans, at many points in your life and at many occasions of your life you’ll be meet people no matter where you are in life be you low or high, successful or not, these people will still talk you down, and you know why?

This is because it is the world, and that’s how it system works, it’s now left for you to know how to ignore those saying by assuring yourself daily that who you are, what you stand for and what you represent, will go a long way in helping you feel better and at the top of your game always, learn positive affirmations! Stay around positive people and above all be positive-minded yourself!

Yes, I know you have freedom of speech and expression, but hello calm down, and carry a thorough editing, filtering and evicting harmful and useless words.

About the above quote, once out they can only be forgiven not forgotten. I’m sure you don’t want to leave an ugly scar in the minds of people around you.

I’ll repeat this, your words can be forgiven but not forgotten, so try as much as you can to always let out positive words, both to the benefit of your hearers and receivers.

Words are hard to forget and can be ignored because it enter the retentive memory, and as it works is to “pretend”, well that’s exactly what it does, little or nothing can be done to get them out once they’ve settled there in the mind, and so, by all means, try to insert positive words into people, it will do a lot of wonders to them.

Not wanting to make this script a lengthy one, I wouldn’t go into details to write about the legend Nelson Mandela whose speech ushered him to the throne of authority. There are other records of how many people’s words ushered them into great positions. This is one of the benefits of uttering or writing the right words.

Well, after all is said and done, you decide to either allow your words to become a violent weapon of destruction or a catalyst of serenity and harmony. Choose wisely. Refuse to be a victim of your own words.

Did you get value or great value?

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Written by Elisha Bamaiyi


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