Sunday Igboho Returns To Nigeria For Mother’s Burial


Yoruba nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, has made a poignant return to Nigeria for the final burial of his mother. This development comes after a tumultuous period marked by his arrest in the Benin Republic, where he faced allegations of stockpiling arms. As he lays his mother to rest, this moment signifies not only a personal loss but also a triumphant return to his homeland.

The return of the activist to Nigeria holds significant weight, especially considering the challenges he faced in recent times. According to Naijassador, in 2021, he was arrested by the security forces in the Benin Republic, merely three weeks after being declared wanted by the Department of State Services for alleged arms stockpiling. The arrest occurred at the Cardinal Bernardin International Airport in Cotonou, Benin Republic, as he attempted to flee to Germany.

The subsequent two years were marked by legal battles for Igboho. However, in October 2023, a turning point emerged as he revealed that he was legally free to leave Cotonou for Nigeria and other countries. This announcement as observed by Naijassador signified the end of a prolonged trial by the Beninese government, offering him a renewed sense of freedom and the ability to return home.

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Sunday Igboho’s return for his mother’s burial is undeniably bittersweet. While it marks a final farewell to a loved one, it also symbolizes a triumphant homecoming after a period of uncertainty and legal challenges. The emotional weight of the occasion is heightened by the circumstances surrounding his departure from Nigeria and subsequent legal battles.

Throughout his ordeal, his resilience was fortified by the support of his followers and sympathizers. Olayomi Koiki, his spokesperson, played a crucial role in keeping the public informed about Igboho’s status. The solidarity demonstrated by supporters during his legal battles underscored the significance of community and collective strength in navigating challenging times.

The return of the body of Mrs S.A. Adeyemo, Sunday Igboho’s mother, from the mortuary in Saki Town adds a sombre note to the proceedings. As he makes his way to Igboho Town for the final burial, the community gathers to pay their respects. The ceremony becomes a convergence of personal loss and communal support, reflecting the complex tapestry of Igboho’s journey.

With the final burial of his mother, Sunday Igboho now faces a period of reflection and rebuilding. The experience of the past years, marked by legal battles and uncertainty, has undoubtedly left an indelible mark. However, his return to Nigeria signals a new chapter—one that holds the potential for healing and reconnection with his roots.

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Who is Sunday Igboho?

Sunday Adeyemo, better known as Sunday Igboho, is a Nigerian Yoruba activist who has become controversial in recent years. His rise to prominence stems from his vocal advocacy for the creation of a separate Yoruba nation, distinct from Nigeria. While widely supported by some, his methods and pronouncements have also drawn criticism and legal challenges.

From Entrepreneur to Activist

Born in 1972, Igboho initially gained recognition as a successful businessman in the automotive industry. However, his involvement in the Modakeke-Ife communal crisis in the late 1990s propelled him into the public eye. This experience fueled his activism for the rights of the Yoruba people, particularly against perceived marginalization and insecurity within Nigeria.

The Call for a Yoruba Nation

His activism gained momentum in 2020 when he issued an ultimatum to herders, he accused of being responsible for killings and kidnappings in Yoruba communities. He demanded their eviction, sparking heated debates about ethnicity, security, and self-determination. Subsequently, he championed the idea of a separate Yoruba nation, organizing rallies and garnering support within some segments of the Yoruba population.

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Controversy and Legal Battles

Igboho’s actions have generated significant controversy. His pronouncements have been criticised for inciting ethnic tensions and potentially fueling violence. In July 2021, his residence was raided by Nigerian security forces, leading to his arrest and detention on charges of treason and stockpiling weapons. He was later transferred to Benin Republic, where he faced legal challenges and spent over two years in detention before being released in 2023.

Sunday Igboho remains a complex and divisive figure. While his supporters view him as a courageous advocate for their rights and aspirations, others criticise his methods and pronouncements. His legal challenges and detention have further complicated the narrative, raising concerns about freedom of expression and the right to self-determination.


The activist’s future trajectory remains uncertain. His release from detention in Benin Republic opens up new possibilities, but it is unclear what path he will choose. Whether he will resume his activism, seek political solutions, or pursue other avenues remains to be seen.


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