Styling Heels for Beginners

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Heels! A lady ‘s best friend for a glamorous and doll-ed dress up.

Styling heels as a beginner can be a little fun, exciting, and challenging sometimes. From choosing the right heels that are perfect for your outfit, to feeling and walking comfortably in it.

Then to feeling bad that you just can’t get the heels matching making and walking right, and then wanting to give up. Hold on, and discard that thought, because no one was born with the gift of rocking heels, it takes perseverance and practice.

So, take a deep breath as Naijassador takes you through the art of styling and rocking heels.

To get you started on your heels journey here are some tips to help you:

1. Start with a low or mid-height heel:

Since you’re not quite used to wearing heels, starting small is much more advised. You don’t want to break your legs while learning to walk in heels. So, it’s best to start small and then build your way up the heels ladder as you become more comfortable.

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2. Choosing the right heels for the occasion:

When choosing a pair of heels to wear, it’s important to keep the occasion you’re wearing them in mind. A day-to-day activity or casual look wouldn’t need stiletto or kitten heels. As these are mostly worn to a dinner date or a formal event, plus you don’t want to appear too ‘dressy’. So, opting for wedges or block heels would do you just fine. Plus, they’re comfortable, so you won’t experience much stress walking in them.

3. Pair with the right outfit:

Pairing your outfit with the right type of heels not only boosts your outfit but also makes you ‘that girl’. Heels and shoes are an essential part of clothing. Pairing the right type of heels with the perfect outfit just makes you more glamorous.

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4. Consider comfort:

Look for heels with a padded footbed or adjustable straps for added comfort. Make sure the fit is right and your toes are not squished or your heels aren’t slipping out of the shoes. Yeah, your shoes slipping out of your feet won’t do you any good so make sure that your heels are comfortable and you’ll do just fine.

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5. Experiment with different styles:

Try out different types of heels, such as pumps, sandals, or ankle-strap heels, to see what style works best for you and compliments your outfit.

6. Practice walking in heels:

Take some time to practise walking in your heels at home to build your confidence and comfort level.

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7. Accessorise:

Closeup of unrecognizable woman trying new pair of shoes at retail store. She chose a pair of black and orange high heels. Tiles of the floor are beige as well as her dress.

Consider accessorising your heels with statement jewellery, a stylish handbag, or a belt that compliments your outfit and adds a finishing touch to your look.

8. Choosing the right colour of heels for your outfit:

Yes, black heels go with everything but sometimes it’s best to go with other colours (depending on your outfit) as it brings out the shine in your outfit and makes you more stylish.

Now, keep in mind and remember that styling heels are all about personal comfort and confidence, so take your time to find the right pair for you and embrace your unique style. So just give your heels practice time and soon enough you’ll be a pro at it.

Written by Dike Ijeoma


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