Different Types of Heels

Fall winter fashion image. isolated on blur green background. Vintage retro style. Beautiful legs with perfect skin.

Some Nigerian women’s outfits can never be complete without shoes or heels. But every outfit has a most suitable shoe or heel for it. Therefore, it’s time to know the different types of heels so your mix-and-matching fashion spree will always be on point. In this article from Naijassador, we explore various types of heels found in Nigeria.

1. Stiletto heels aka the outfit stunner

Closeup of a businesswoman putting on a pair of heels

These heels are not just versatile, they almost always go with everything. They also add sophistication, glamour and glitz to an outfit. The good thing about this heel is it can be worn to most formal events. But you know things have to be switched up a notch and other shoes have to be tried on too. Stilettos are long, thin heels that typically range from 2 to 10 inches in height, creating a very high and dramatic look with a little touch of ‘odogwu woman’.

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2. Wedge heels

Women’s legs in jeans and platform shoes

Wedge heels are chunky and they run the entire length under the shoe, providing more stability and comfort. They are the most comfortable heels and it’s the perfect type of shoe for a picnic, a walk in the park, or for a mum with toddlers. All the same, wedges are really good and stylish shoes.

3. Kitten heels (The oga for office clothes)

Sexy fashionable shoes on red background.

Kitten heels are short and slender heels, typically no more than 2 inches in height. They are mostly worn to the office or church service sometimes. Its little resemblance to a stiletto makes it look chicer.

4. Block heels

Yellow open toe block heel mules shoes. Studio shot, white background

These block heels are slowly starting to creep into fashion, as it’s becoming more fashionable. Nowadays these heels are paired with jeans, cargo pants and even a few Ankara clothes. They are easy to wear and move around in and it gives zero discomfort.

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They are thick, square-shaped heels that provide more stability and support

5. Platform heels

These heels have a thick sole at the front of the shoe, creating the illusion of extra height while still maintaining stability. It’s very easy to move around in these heels as they provide support.

6. Cone heels

These heels are broad at the sole and narrow at the base, resembling an upside-down cone. This is the best type of heel to go for when try

7. Ankle strap heels

Fall winter fashion image. isolated on blur green background. Vintage retro style. Beautiful legs with perfect skin.

These heels have a strap that wraps around the ankle, adding extra support and security.

Shoes are an essential part of clothing. But choosing the right shoes for an outfit is a tougher task. But its many options are what makes it beautiful and a thrilling journey of fashion.


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