MERCY JOHNSON: Tears roll as Mercy Johnson lays Dad to rest


Nollywood Actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie has buried her late dad.

Mercy Johnson Okojie penned an emotional note to her father, Ametuo Daniel Johnson moments ago.

The mother of four questioned how her father could wake up on a beautiful day, read his bible, pick up an outfit, lay down, and give up the ghost.

She revealed that the reality of his demise is difficult to grasp and even as she pens a note to him, she is unable to process the thought of never seeing him again.

A video now making the rounds on social media, captures Mercy Johnson and hubby at her father’s burial ceremony.

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The video clip shared by @queenoftiktok632 on Tik Tok shows Mercy Johnson alongside her husband in distress as her father’s coffin was being carried by undertakers.

Sharing the video, she captioned, “Rest in peace Pa Johnson, Mercy Johnson is beautiful,”

Viewers who were around the scene had a hard time debating whether or not it was the actress they were seeing.

See Video HERE


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