Friday, January 27, 2023

“I hope you all heal from your bitterness this new year” – Actress Nkechi Blessing

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Actress Nkechi Blessing is not taking it slow on her haters on social media. She hopes all haters heal from their bitterness in this new year.

The actress has been the subject of heavy trolling on social media lately, over her choice of man. Many users feel the actress should not be dating a man younger than her.

However Nkechi has thrown an early shade at her haters, she stated that their trolling is as a result of their bitterness.

In a post on her insta story, the mother of one, expressed hope that her haters would heal from their bitterness of heart.

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In Nkechi Blessing's words,

“I hope you all heal from your bitterness this new year…very important”.

This is not the first time Nkechi Blessing would clap back at trolls on social media. In a previous post she stated that the fact that her haters can't find love doesn't stop her from finding love.

This is coming after she resorted to flaunting her younger lover on social media. Trolls feels that the actress is only showing off.

This didn't seat well with her and she stated that she can flaunt her love life the way she wants.

In her words,

“The fact that you can't find happiness won't stop me from finding…..I can show my love life anyhow I freaking want…. leave me to the fuk alone….if you are happy with your own life, IM not sure you will have time for what I choose to do with my life…face your life and let me breathe for fuk sake”.

See below,

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