The Top 5 States to Live in Nigeria


Nigeria is a wonderful place in Africa, known as the giant of the continent and a source of pride. Many people from outside Nigeria would love to visit and enjoy its beautiful landscapes.

Naijassador has decided to examine the top 5 states in Nigeria to find the best places to live

1. Lagos

Lagos is the economic capital of Nigeria and offers abundant job opportunities, a vibrant social life, and a diverse culture. It has a thriving business environment and excellent infrastructure.

2. Abuja

As the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja is known for its planned layout, modern infrastructure, and diplomatic community. It offers a peaceful and secure environment, with numerous government institutions and international organizations based there.

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3. Ogun

Ogun state is located close to Lagos and serves as a major industrial hub. It has a developed economy and is home to various manufacturing companies. The state also boasts natural landmarks like Olumo Rock and offers a mix of urban and rural living.

4. Enugu

Known as the “Coal City,” Enugu has a rich cultural heritage and is a center for commerce and education in the southeast region. The city offers a conducive lifestyle, good infrastructure, and a growing economy.

5. Rivers

Rivers state, particularly Port Harcourt, is a major oil-producing region in Nigeria. It has a well-developed infrastructure, numerous job opportunities in the oil and gas industry, and a lively social scene. The state also offers proximity to beautiful tourist destinations like Bonny Island and the Niger Delta region.

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These states offer a combination of economic opportunities, quality infrastructure, social amenities, and cultural diversity, making them attractive places to live in Nigeria.