MERCY AIGBE: Yorubas throw the best parties, nothing they cannot share as souvenirs”.


Mercy Aigbe has crowned Yoruba parties as the best.

The movie star, who turned heads at a colleague’s birthday party last weekend, has recounted her experience.

Mercy Aigbe expressed excitement at being served Hot Amala inside ‘Ikoko Irin’ (small pot) with assorted meats.

The mother of two noted how the souvenirs were top-notch as she also recounted how she was served bread as a souvenir at another party.

Crowing their parties as the best, she added that there is nothing they can’t serve as souvenirs.

Her words below 👇

“Yorubas throw the best parties! No cap. What! Hot Amala, inside Ikoko Irin… With fresh fish and ‘inside meat’, ‘orisirisi’ with ‘Ogufe’ (goat meat). The souvenirs nko? The other day fresh hit sweet bred was shared as souvenir at a party! Nothing they cannot share as souvenirs”.

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