‘How I Seduced My Younger Sister’s Husband, Got Pregnant For him’


The joy of Mrs Juliana Angulu nee Ageba, a diploma holder from Isa Mustapha Agwai Polytechnic Lafia, overflowed when she got married to her heartbrob, Donald Angulu, in June 2018.

She had met Donald in Lafia when she first came to the polytechnic for a pre-diplima programme while the young Donald was already in the final year for his HND programme.

They established a relationship that later transformed into marriage after a year, and they signed the dotted lines in a traditional marriage ceremony in Withamba Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, with Julianah expressing joy and thanking God for giving her a man of her dreams.

That remained the situation for several years as the couple settle down in Lafia, Nasarawa State capital, where Donald ran a business centre and a barbing saloon while the wife ran a POS business at a different location within the city.

Five years later, Juliana, who was in the habit of professing her husband’s true love to friends and relations at every opportunity, was unable to concieve a baby.

The couple had sought medical help at a hospital called ‘Police Clinic’ Lafia where the husband was given a clean bill of health, particularly in respect of sperm count. The results of the tests Juliana too underwent showed that her reproductive organs were okay. Yet it remained a source of worries for the couple that they could not produce a baby.

At some point, frustration gave in to desperation for both of them as they frantically searched for the fruit of the womb.

It was reliably gathered that the husband was actually confused that his wife could not get pregnanct after almost six years of marriage, even though medical examination gave both of them a clean bill of health.

Along the line Donald was attracted into secret romance with Juliana’s elder sister, Charity Ageba, who had completed secondary school for a long time but was said not to be serious about furthering her studies and was also not lucky to find a husband.

Tired of sitting down at home, Charity decided to move to Lafia to stay with her younger sister (Juliana). In order that Charity would also not be bored at home in Lafia, both Donald and Juliana decided that she should assist Donald at the computer centre/barbing salon. It was thought that she would learn computer and manage that part of the business while Donald would concentrate on the barbing salon so that the business would thrive better.

It turned out, however, that rather than concentrate on the aspect of the computer business, Charity started indulging in illicit affair with her younger sister’s husband.

The family’s daily schedule, according to a source, was that both Juliana and her husband usually left home early for their different shops, leaving Charity behind to prepare the food they would eat at their shops later in the day.

After cleaning his shop, Donald would return home to have a bath, and that became the opportunity Donald and Charity seized to indulge in illicit romance.

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Before they realised it, Charity was already two months pregnant without the knowledge of Juliana. Donald was, however, aware of the development and struck an agreement with Charity to keep the pregnancy even for the worst that could happen.

Last month, Juliana was jolted by the realisation that her beloved husband had betrayed the love and trust she invested in him by not only having an affair with Charity but also impregnating her.

To worsen matters, her husband is resolute about his decision to allow Charity deliver the unborn child in the house, and has already shown Juliana the yellow card if she was unwilling to accept both Charity and the baby. Donald was also said to have warned Juliana not to expose the issue to the public, friends or members of their families.

Juliana, who spoke in an exclusive conversation with The Nation, said: “I was the one who allowed Charity to come stay with us in Lafia. She was matured enough but was not lucky to have a husband, so she was just at home doing nothing.

“When she interest in visiting us, I couldn’t have said no. So she came and my husband received her well. They became the best of friends, but little did I know that it would become a joke taken too far.

“As a housewife, things are normally hard. I decided that rather than stay idle at home and rely solely on my husband, I secured a capital of about N300,000 to start a small POS business. So, I was always away from home.

“My husband runs a mini computer service centre and a barbing saloon in same place. They were two shops in one plaza and together, we were managing well.

“So when my sister came, we all agreed that she should learn some skills in the computer centre instead of staying idle at home while both of us were away hurstling.

“My husband would normally leave the house very early to clean the shop and wait for his boys to come to work before he would come back home to have his bath.

“I was also going out as early as 8:30 am, sometimes to the bank to withdraw money before going to my station. So she would cook morning food and bring it to me most times. But sometimes I called her not to come; that I would sort out myself.

“But my husband would come back around 9am to have his bath before going back to settle in the shop, and that was the point of their meeting at home. ment on her body. Her breasts had increased in size and she looked very heavy. After due monitoring, I discovered that she was pregnant, and I wondered who could be responsible for it, because I had never seen any sign of her getting into a relationship with anyone.

“I kept asking her who was actually responsible for the pregnancy, and she would tell me not to worry. But I was disturbed because I didn’t understand why she would be carrying a pregnancy whilr staying with me. It didn’t make sense.

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“It was when I threatened to send her packing that she revealed to me that my husband, Donald, was the one responsible for it.

“When I confronted Donald with the allegation, he confirmed it and went on to plead with me not to blow it open; that he decided to test the fertility of his sperm on Charity to convince himself about what the result of their fertility test had shown, since he was not able to impregnate me.

“I screamed and cried and almost died of shock that such a shame would happen to me. How can my husband sleep with me and my elder sister in my matrimonial home? How can my husband impregnate my elder sister in the name of testing the strength of his sperm?

“I would have felt completely different if he had impregnated a girlfriend outside, but not my own biological sister. Sleeping with me and my elder sister to the point of impregnating her is a taboo.”

Juliana said the the development had thrown her into complete confusion; that her husband and her elder sister could do this just because she was not able to concieve.

Juliana, who had already moved all her belongings out of the apartment where she stays with her husband, told our correspondent that she had informed her father about the incident and she would not return home due to the shame of what her husband and elder sister did.

She also said her parents were confused and short of words.

She said: “My parents actually suggested abortion, but my elder sister is not disposed to it as she is afraid she might not get pregnant again in her life. My husband too is finding it difficult to buy the idea as he might not be able to impregnate a woman again.

“For me, I have left the house for both of them and I am staying with a friend who is actually consoling me. I can’t bear the shame.” It is actually not the best of times for Juliana because darkness and despondency has set into her once blissful marriage. Donald and Charity have enveloped her in a cloud of uncertainty. Yet she spoke glowingly of her fond memories with Donald when they met at the polytechnic.

She said: “Meeting Donald was actually the happiest moment of my life. I was on top of the world. He showed me true love and I think I did too.

“He is a struggling young man and I’m also rendering a very supportive hand. But because of my inability to conceive, suddenly all that crashed in one irrational moment orchestrated by my elder sister.”

While Juliana is traumatised by the development, her husband seems to have no qualms even though he said it was not intentional.

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He said: “The whole idea started like a joke. Already, we were used to each other.

“One day, I came back home at about 9:30am to have my bath. Charity had finished preparing morning food. She took her bath and tied a towel that left her laps open.

“I demanded for food, and serving me half naked tempted me. The circumstances were not planned and there was no condom to protect ourselves.

“That was how we continued in that direction routinely, resulting into pregnancy.

“I’m not too happy about it, but it appears this is my first time of impregnating a woman, and I don’t know whether it will be the last.

“I’m the only male child of my parents, so I prefer the risk involved by allowing the pregnancy to grow, because ordinarily I should be in the lead to push for abortion. But I’m constrained, so I will allow her to deliver.

“I’m going to see my in-laws to explain all the circumstances to them. I’m fully aware of the shame, but I can’t help it.

“I have married Juliana for almost six years, no child. If her parents find themselves in my situation, what would they do?

“It is actually unfortunate and not expected, but it happened and that is the reality.”

When the publication confronted Charity with the allegations from her younger sister, Charity said she regreted her actions on one hand and did not regret it on the other. She said there was no point for her younger sister to take the matter outside as doing so would not bring a solution.

Giving a blow-by-blow account of how it all happened, she said the jovial moments had been there between her and Donald for some time.

“But one early morning about three months ago, he came home after cleaning his shop to take his bath. I had prepared food and his wife went out early to make some withdrawal in the bank for her POS business.

“I had taken my bath and tied my towel, robbing my cream. The apartment is a two-bedroom one.

“I didn’t plan for what happened, neither did Donald plan for it. It came like a joke and later a reality, the pregnancy set in.

“Already, both Donald and myself committed a big offence by allowing our sexual emotions to overcome us. Abortion would be a second offence, so we decided to allow it.

“I deeply sympathise with my younger sister. I perfectly understand her pains, anger and frustration, but the worst has happened.

“I’m actually not intending to abort the pregnancy because the worst harm has already been done.

“Our parents too are shocked and are not happy with the turn of events, but there is nothing anybody can do.”

In a phone conversation with the father-in-law, he simply said, it is a taboo and he would n’t be party to such. He then dropped the phone.