9 Highest Paid Male Actors In Nollywood


Every year Nollywood, the prolific Nigerian film industry, produces stories that grip you. But behind the scenes, a chosen few wield leading man, or woman status, not only for their skill level but also for how they drive profits into the box office. These heroes of Nollywood are the people who change perceptions, pull on a crowd and make people stick glued to their television seats. Join us as we take you through a list of the 9 highest-paid Nollywood actors in 2024 as compiled by Naijassador.

1. Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD)

RMD is a giant in Nollywood, but his impact extends to greater spheres than acting. He’s one of those household names, slipping easily between genres whose charisma is boundless. Over his quarter-century career, he has acted, directed, and produced, shaping him into a living Nollywood legend.

2. Jim Iyke

A powerhouse performer known for his electrifying intensity; Jim Iyke isn’t afraid to take on complex roles. He captivates audiences with his raw talent and ability to embody a character’s full spectrum of emotions. Beyond acting, he is a successful entrepreneur, adding another layer to his impressive career.

3. Ramsey Nouah

Renowned for his heartthrob status and exceptional acting, Ramsey Nouah boasts a dedicated fanbase. He’s the go-to leading man for captivating romantic dramas, often infusing vulnerability and depth into his characters.

4. Odunlade Adekola

Nicknamed “Mr. Loverboy” for his frequent appearances in Yoruba-language films, Odunlade Adekola is a mega-star with an infectious charm. He’s not just an actor, but also a filmmaker, further solidifying his creative influence within Nollywood.

5. Alexx Ekubo

A rising star with an undeniable presence, Alexx Ekubo has quickly become a fan favourite. His comedic timing and charisma light up the screen, making him a sought-after actor for diverse projects. With his talent and charm, Alexx Ekubo is sure to remain a force in Nollywood for years to come.

6. Kanayo O. Kanayo (KOK)

A legend in his own right, KOK is a name synonymous with witty dialogue and captivating performances. He’s a master at portraying wealthy characters, often with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, keeping audiences thoroughly entertained.

7. Femi Adebayo

A superstar in the Yoruba film industry, Femi Adebayo is an actor, director, and producer who wears many hats. He’s known for his versatility, taking on dramatic roles as well as comedic ones, ensuring his place as a beloved figure in Nollywood.

8. Kunle Remi

A rising star with a meteoric ascent, Kunle Remi is captivating audiences with his intensity and dramatic flair. He’s quickly becoming a go-to actor for filmmakers seeking a powerful leading man.

9. Sam Dede

Known for his deep voice and imposing stature, Sam Dede is a Nollywood mainstay. He’s a versatile actor who can deliver a powerful performance in any genre, making him a valuable asset to any production.


The future of Nollywood is bright, and with these leading men at the forefront, the industry is guaranteed to keep producing captivating stories and unearthing new talent. This list provides a glimpse into the actors who are currently making waves in Nollywood, captivating audiences, and shaping the future of Nigerian cinema.

Written by Sarah Aboje



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