6 Celebrities Who Went To Medical School


Nigeria’s entertainment scene boasts a dazzling array of talented individuals, but some celebrities bring unique experiences from another demanding field: medicine. These personalities juggled the intense world of medical studies with the allure of show business, showcasing remarkable dedication and versatility. Let’s meet six Nigerian celebrities who donned both the stethoscope and the spotlight in this article from Naijassador.

Dr. Sid (Sidney Onoriode Esiri)

This award-winning musician Sidney Onoriode Esiri might be better known by his stage name, Dr. Sid. However, the “Dr.” is a well-deserved title. Dr. Sid obtained his DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) from the prestigious University of Ibadan before finding acclaim in the music industry. He’s a talented singer, songwriter, and record producer, proving his creativity extends far beyond the dental clinic. His transition from the rigorous world of medical studies to the dynamic realm of music was marked by determination, talent, and a relentless pursuit of his dreams. Dr Sid’s unique blend of medical knowledge and musical artistry has not only set him apart as an artist but also showcased the diversity and depth of talent within the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Kate Henshaw

A Nollywood veteran with a captivating screen presence, Kate Henshaw is not just a talented actress but also holds a degree in Medical Microbiology from the School of Medical Lab Science at LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital). While she pursued acting full-time, her medical background adds another layer of depth to this multifaceted performer.

Jemima Osunde

Nigerian actress Jemima Osunde isn’t your typical starlet. Before captivating audiences on screen, she embarked on a path towards medical expertise, earning a degree in Physiotherapy from the prestigious University of Lagos. While the sciences held merit, her creative fire burned bright. She took a leap of faith, transitioning from the world of medicine to the mesmerizing world of entertainment. This shift proved fruitful. Her talent shone through, and she has carved a successful niche in Nollywood, captivating viewers with her diverse roles. Though she may have traded the stethoscope for the spotlight, Osunde’s background in healthcare adds a unique depth to her artistry, making her a truly multifaceted talent.

 Kiki Omeli

Kiki Omeli’s life trajectory defies expectations. Though she qualified as a medical doctor, the Nigerian actress traded the stethoscope for the spotlight. This wasn’t a reckless pivot; she had always harboured a passion for the arts. While dedicating herself to medical studies, she nurtured her creative side through drama productions and honed her acting skills. Eventually, the allure of storytelling and performance proved irresistible. Omeli’s decision to pursue acting wasn’t about abandoning her medical background but rather embracing a different avenue to connect with people. Today, she shines on screen, captivating audiences with her talent and dedication, proving that success can blossom from following one’s true passions.

 Beautiful Nubia (Segun Akinlolu)

Nigerian singer Beautiful Nubia (real name Segun Akinlolu) defied expectations with a career switch that would surprise many. Though he earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and practised for years, music held a stronger pull. Akinlolu wasn’t new to music – he’d harboured a passion since childhood. While his teachers and mother initially steered him towards a “stable” career, his artistic spirit wouldn’t be quelled. Eventually, he transitioned to music, forming the successful Beautiful Nubia’s Roots Renaissance Band. Though the path may have been unconventional, Akinlolu’s medical background instilled valuable discipline and perseverance, ultimately aiding his journey to becoming a celebrated musician.

 Peruzzi (Tobechukwu Victor Okoh)

Peruzzi, the stage name of Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, traded stethoscopes for stardom. Though enrolled in Medicine and Surgery at a Ukrainian university, music held a stronger pull. A chance performance in his second year ignited a spark. Soon, gigs and songwriting filled his days, leaving less time for textbooks. The demands clashed, and ultimately, his passion for music won out. Despite his mother’s initial reservations, Peruzzi’s dedication paid off. He became a successful songwriter and vocalist, leaving behind medicine for a thriving music career.


These six Nigerian celebrities are a testament to the power of pursuing diverse passions. They’ve carved successful paths in the entertainment industry while holding onto the valuable knowledge and experiences gained through medical studies. Their stories inspire us to embrace our multifaceted selves and showcase our talents to the world.

Written by: Sarah Aboje


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