5 Celebrities Who Became New Dads In 2024


2024 has been a remarkable year for several Nigerian celebrities who have embarked on the incredible journey of fatherhood. The joy and excitement of welcoming new members into their families have brought a sense of fulfilment and happiness that these stars are eager to share with their fans. From surprising announcements to heartfelt tributes, these new dads are embracing their roles with love and pride. According to Naijassador, here are five famous Nigerian celebrities who became new dads in 2024, celebrating the arrival of their little ones and the joy of fatherhood.

1. Ali Baba

In April 2024, Comedian Ali Baba shocked fans when he revealed the birth of three bundles of joy. His wife, Mary Akpobome recently delivered Triplets (all boys) about a week ago and the comedian was super excited, to say the least. Initially met with disbelief from the public who believed it to be an April Fools’ Day joke, soon after, happy pictures and videos of a beaming Ali Baba with his Wife proved that all was indeed well in the comedy boss camp. The names of the boys have been revealed to be Aaron, Alexander, and Andrew.

2. Emeka Ike

In 2024, joy came double-fold for Nollywood actor Emeka Ike. This new arrival filled the void left by his recent loss, according to his social media post. The baby girl has since been named Chidera Comfort Thando Ike. He thanked his wife, Yolanda Pfeiffer, for this gift as well while celebrating the joy he shares with his other half. Ike has other children from his ex-wife.

3. Daniel Etim-Effiong

Nollywood Actor, Daniel Etim-Effiong and his wife Toyosi welcomed their third child in March 2024. The couple, who are already parents to a daughter and son, had a baby girl. The actor shared the happy news on Instagram, thanking God and saying their new baby was “our song! Our love-gift! Our evidence!” This new addition expands their beautiful family and brings them even more joy.

4. Josh2Funny

Laughter became lullabies for Nigerian comedian Josh2Funny whose real name is, Josh Alfred. The comedian household became a family of four, as he and his wife Bina took in a new family member. Fans are celebrating the good news for the couple even though the details of what happened are still unknown. The couple already has a son named, Eden Alfred, who like his parents celebrates the arrival of his second sibling. Congratulations and well-wishes pour in as Josh2Funny prepares to juggle diaper duty with side-splitting skits.

5. Deyemi Okanlawon

Nollywood star Deyemi Okanlawon had a cause to rejoice in February 2024. His wife, Damilola had just put to bed his third child, a baby boy. In addition to his wife, the actor who already has 2 other children, all boys shared a post on social media, where he stated that his wife had just delivered their most precious gifts and she is the strongest woman alive. In another post, he even sweetly proclaimed that his son would have the “best life with the best dada”. The news was of course met with a slew of fans and celebrities congratulating the star.


The year 2024 has indeed been filled with joyous moments for these Nigerian celebrities, as they embrace the joys and challenges of fatherhood. From comedian Ali Baba’s unexpected triplets to Emeka Ike’s birthday blessing, each story is a testament to the love and happiness that new life brings. As these stars navigate the early days of parenthood, their fans continue to shower them with congratulations and best wishes. The arrival of these babies not only marks a new chapter in their lives but also strengthens the bonds within their families, bringing immeasurable joy and fulfilment.

Written by Sarah Aboje


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