10 Popular Nigerian Boxers Of All Time


Nigeria has a rich history in boxing, producing some of the sport’s most dominant and exciting fighters. From the early days of the sport to contemporary contenders, Nigerian boxers have left their mark on the international stage. Here’s a look at 10 legendary Nigerian boxers who captured hearts and titles:

Hogan “Kid” Bassey (1932-1998)

Hogan “Kid” Bassey (1935-1998) wasn’t just a boxing champion, he was a pioneer. Born Okon Asuquo Bassey, he became the first Nigerian to win a world title in 1957, claiming the featherweight crown in Paris. Nicknamed “Kid Dynamite” for his aggressive style and punching power, Bassey paved the way for future Nigerian boxers. In 1957, he defeated Franco-Algerian boxer Cherif Hamia in Paris, claiming the featherweight title. Though his career ended in 1959, his legacy lives on as an inspiration and a symbol of Nigerian excellence in the ring.

Dick Tiger (1929-1971)

Dick Tiger, born Richard Ihetu, was a Nigerian boxing legend who etched his name in boxing history. Reining supreme in the 1960s, he remarkably conquered three weight divisions: middleweight (1962), welterweight (1965), and light-heavyweight (1966). Nicknamed for his toughness, his exceptional footwork, technical mastery, and an iron chin made him a formidable foe. Tiger’s achievements not only solidified Nigeria’s boxing prowess but also inspired generations of fighters to come.

Nojim Maiyegun (1944-1994)

Nojim Maiyegun (1944-1994) was a beacon of speed and skill in Nigerian boxing. A lightweight legend, he dazzled audiences with his lightning-fast punches and exceptional reflexes. While national titles adorned his trophy cabinet, his crowning achievement was a prestigious bronze medal in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, making him Nigeria’s first-ever Olympic medalist. Though his career ended too soon, Maiyegun’s legacy lives on, inspiring future generations of Nigerian boxers to dance in the ring.

Samuel Peter (born 1980)

Samuel Peter, also known as “The Nigerian Nightmare,” struck fear into opponents with his aggressive style and bone-crushing punches. A heavyweight contender, he was challenged for the WBC title in 2008.expand_more Though inconsistency prevented him from claiming the belt, his power was undeniable. Peter’s rivalry with the dominant Klitschko brothers – Wladimir and Vitali – cemented his place as a force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight division during the early 2000s.

Henry Akinwande (born 1965)

Henry Akinwande, “The Hurricane,” was a British-Nigerian boxer who carved his name into the heavyweight scene in the 1990s. Standing tall at 6’7″, Akinwande possessed a thunderous right hand and a flamboyant personality. He captured the WBO cruiserweight title and challenged for the prestigious IBF heavyweight championship. Despite his power, inconsistency kept him from the ultimate prize. Akinwande remains a colourful character in boxing history, remembered for his exciting fights and larger-than-life persona.

Bash Ali (born 1956)

Bash Ali is a legendary Nigerian boxer, renowned for his remarkable career and achievements in the sport. Born on February 27, 1956, Ali has etched his name in history as the oldest professional boxer to hold a world title fight. His journey to success was marked by perseverance, determination, and unparalleled skill in the ring.

Throughout his career, Ali showcased incredible prowess, winning numerous titles and accolades, including the African Heavyweight Championship. Beyond his sporting prowess, Ali is also known for his philanthropic endeavours, using his platform to advocate for social causes and inspire the youth. His legacy as a boxing icon and humanitarian continues to inspire generations globally.

Obisia Nwankpa (born 1950)

A highly skilled light-heavyweight boxer, Obisia Nwankpa held the Commonwealth light-heavyweight title for several years. Known for his technical prowess and defensive skills, he enjoyed a successful professional career, representing Nigerian boxing at the international level.

Friday Ahunanya (born 1971)

Friday Ahunanya is a Nigerian professional boxer known for his impressive career in the middleweight and super middleweight divisions. Born on November 18, 1975, Ahunanya has showcased his boxing skills in various competitions, earning a reputation as a tough and resilient fighter. Throughout his career, he has faced formidable opponents and demonstrated his ability to compete at a high level. Ahunanya’s dedication, determination, and technical prowess have earned him respect in the boxing world, making him a notable figure among Nigerian boxers. His contributions to the sport highlight his passion and commitment to excellence inside the ring.

Efe Ajagba (born 1994)

Efe Ajagba is a Nigerian professional boxer who has garnered attention for his impressive skills and promising career trajectory. Standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall, Ajagba possesses formidable power combined with agile footwork, making him a formidable force in the heavyweight division. With an undefeated record and a knack for delivering knockout blows, he has quickly risen through the ranks of professional boxing. Ajagba’s relentless determination and technical prowess inside the ring have earned him a reputation as one of the most exciting and promising heavyweight prospects, drawing the attention of fans and experts alike to his future potential.

Muideen Akanji

Muideen Akanji, a Nigerian boxer born in Lagos on May 12, 1992, is best known for competing in the middleweight division. His boxing career included representing Nigeria at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Though defeated in the heats by Darren O’Neill, Akanji’s journey to the Olympics began earlier. He participated in the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics as well as the 2011 All-Africa Games.


These legendary boxers have not only brought glory to Nigeria but have also inspired countless young athletes to pursue their dreams in the ring. Their dedication, skills, and fighting spirit continue to be a source of national pride and a testament to the rich boxing heritage of Nigeria.

Written by: Sarah Aboje


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