Friday, January 27, 2023

Which of the Presidential Candidates Is Most Prepared For Office?

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The 2023 general elections are just a few weeks away. There have been lots of campaigns by all the candidates especially those in the forefront.

Many of them have met with different state governors, interest groups, economic teams, youth groups, and students associations.

One of the attributes of a leader is readiness for the office in which he aspires to occupy. Many Nigerians are particularly interested in a President who will hit the ground running, taking key decisions in his first few days in office.

Having said this and with all what you have seems and heard from the candidates, who, in your opinion, do you think is most prepared for office the office of the President and Commander-in-chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces and why do you think so?

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Drop your personal opinion.

Drop your comments guys👇🏼

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