Madame Tussauds is a famous wax Museum, located in the heart of London, England. Founded in 1835, this Museum features life-less, humanoid wax sculptures that have made it a renowned tourist attraction. Visitors to the U.K. cannot lay claim to a successful sightseeing adventure without visiting Madamme Tussauds Wax museum.

But contrasting this Tourist attraction, with Mecca, a place of pilgrimage where Muslim faithfuls visit at least once in a lifetime to receive blessings and offer up prayers of supplication, one can see the sharp contrast in these two famous locations. One is a holy place of worship while the other is a tourist attraction. One is where blessings and veneration occur while the other is where people take pictures beside wax sculptures.

One renews life in worshippers, the other is only for laughter and sightseeing.

Hence one wonders what Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT), the leader of the APC, is doing in London at the moment. Rated as one of the two pillars of the APC, his Union with President Buhari is seen as the rock upon which APC is built and serves as the Genesis of the displacement of the PDO from power.

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Hence it must be a source of concern to see the Leader of the Party holed up in London on an extended ‘medical” vacation. BAT is rumored to be gunning for the Presidency, once the erstwhile Nigerian President, President Buhari steps down. However, he is not doing himself a world of good with his prolonged absence, for the party machinery he left in place is slowly hijacked by those who see him as a threat.

It is no fault of BAT that he is battling with health challenges and one wishes him a speedy recovery, however, the way and manner politicians are trooping to London for photo ops with him is a grave cause of concern.

Is Tinubu now the new Madame Tussauds, that should be observed and pictures snapped to show proof of Life or a successful visit to London? Or are they turning London into the New Mecca where blessings and support are solicited ahead of the next General elections with the politicking it brings?

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The list of sightseers who went on pilgrimage to see Tinubu is long and illustrious ranging from President Buhari, the Speaker of the House of Reps to Governors and Senators. Such is the Goodwill BAT enjoys that out of sight is not out of mind hence the rush to pay homage to the recovering party leader.

In all this Nigerians must ask the question. Is this another prelude to another lifeless Presidency akin to the moribund Yar Adua Presidency or the Commander of Medical Tourism Presidency of Buhari? Nigerians can ill afford another absentee President.

Nigeria needs a President that is mentally and physically sound and now a wax figure in Madame Tussauds that will just be a puppet of a powerful cabal. It is time for patriotic Nigerians to stand up and say no to the notion that a sick man can rule the country without qualms from his sickbed in London.

Nigerians are tired of “One chance” leaders whose only desire is to rule the land to perpetuate their selfish interests.

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The time is now to say no more absentee President. No more President of Medical Tourism.

Nigeria needs to be fixed and only a fit President can get the job done.

Written by Attah Essien