Reactions As Proprietress Orders Female Corps Members To Kneel Down At PPA (Video)


A trending video of a female corps member serving punishment at her Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

The young lady, dressed in Khaki uniform, was seen on her kneel in an office, receiving some backlashes.

In the video, making the rounds online, it appeared that the proprietress of an undisclosed PPA ordered the corper to kneel down for disobeying her directives.

The video quickly garnered significant attentions online as social media users shared their thoughts. While some berated the female corper for accepting to kneel down, some slammed the school proprietress.

Read some comments below:

@official_adags said, “Na only Yoruba corper fit do this kain thing coz too much respect dey their body”.

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@Uncle_Onos said, “This is very wrong. You know wicked mothers we they start with “we are mothers”. How on earth would you punish an adult like this?”

@iam_sezu said, “Lmaooo sometimes if you no show madness, dem no go rate you.”

@iamuyiri said, “ha, this is serious. hope the PPA is sanction by NYSC. because most of this establishments, Corpers does the whole work.”

@Beausteven_blog said, “Shia me I too get pride shia can never be me.”

@JoelUdanyi said, “What nonsense! And this appears to be a school, how will the pupils ever listen to her now?”

Watch the video below: