Okowa Has 13 Companies & A 2-year-old Bank, in Which Emefiele Is The Managing Director — Clark Reveals


During an interview with Arise News, Sir Edwin Clark, Elder Statesman, revealed that the former governor of Delta State, Ifeanyi Okowa, has 13 companies and a two-year-old bank, in which one Emefiele is the managing director. He revealed that Okowa’s brother, Monday Okowa, who was at Zenith Bank, is now working at Okowa’s bank.

He further stated that most of the money meant for the Niger Delta people was pocketed by Okowa for his selfish establishment. He revealed that he wrote two letters to Okowa to question him on how he spent their money.

According to him,

“Every oil-producing state has been paid, and the one paid to Delta came to one trillion, seven hundred and sixty something billion naira from 2007 to June 2015. In February alone, we received about 700,000 billion, and the balance was paid to Okowa because oil was coming very easily and because prices were high. So what he was paid was one trillion. So instead of paying the 50 percent provided by his own law, DESOPADECK Law, Section 14, which makes it automatic that money must be given to them, he now held the 13 percent and used the entire money in dishing out instalments and approving every contract the DESOPADECK wanted. And I’d like you to give me an account. So I wrote him a second letter, which I already gave to the EFCC, saying that we cannot be cheated. Some governors are now wealthier than their states. He got a bank, and today, most of our money has been paid to that two-year-old bank. Something premium bank The managing director is Emefiele, from the same village as Okowa. Okowa’s brother, Monday Okowa, who was at Zenith Bank, is there. And this man has 13 companies.”

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