Friday, January 27, 2023

If You Have Not Gotten Your PVC, You Are An Antichrist – Actress Eucharia Anunobi (Video)

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Veteran actress and preacher, Eucharia Anunobi has said that anyone ahead of the 2023 polls, anyone that has not gotten their permanent voters' card PVC, to exercise their franchise is an antichrist.

She also stated that any politician who makes promises and fails to redeem them is an antichrist.

Anunobi said this in a video shared on her Instagram page today on Saturday, January 21.

”If your pastor preaches anything that hurts your feelings or offends you but is in line with the word of God, he or she is not out of line which means you an antichrist.

If you are a husband or wife snatcher, you are an antichrist. If you are sleeping with an underaged, you are an antichrist. If you you are a landgrabber, you are an antichrist.

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If you are sleeping with persons of the same gender or in the same s3x marriage, you are an antichrist. If you are a politician and you have no intentions to redeem your promises, you are an antichrist. And if you are a Nigerian and you have been complaining that Nigeria is a mess and you have not gotten your PVC to vote in the comming election, you are an antichrist” she said

Watch The Video Below;

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