Coping With Overseas-Based Husbands


Being in a long-distance relationship with an overseas-based husband can have both positive and challenging effects on the relationship. On one hand, it can strengthen the bond by fostering trust, communication, and appreciation for each other. It can also provide an opportunity for personal growth and independence.

However, the physical separation and time differences can be difficult when building the relationship or taking it to the next level, leading to feelings of loneliness, frustration, and longing. It requires extra effort, patience, and understanding from both partners to maintain a strong connection and navigate the challenges that distance brings.

Remaining faithful to an overseas-based husband is a huge hassle, as maintaining celibacy can be difficult for some people.  Plus the many distractions with many problems make it all the more difficult. But all the same, there is still the advent of making an effort. There are little things wives can do to keep their relationship alive even though distance is a barrier.

Maintain open and frequent communication:

Maintaining communication with an overseas-based husband can be challenging, but there are ways to stay connected. Regular video calls, messaging apps, and sharing daily updates can help bridge the distance. It’s important to prioritise communication and make time for each other despite the time zone difference. Open and honest conversations about expectations and concerns can also strengthen the relationship. A wife can also keep the fire in the relationship alive through calls, texts, and video chats.

Establish trust and understanding:

Building trust and understanding in a long-distance relationship takes a lot of effort. The couple needs to be transparent, honest, and reliable in their communication. Sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences regularly helps to keep the connection strong.

Find ways to bridge the distance:

To bridge the distance between an overseas-based husband, there are a few things you can do. Plan virtual date nights or activities together to make the distance feel smaller. Set aside dedicated time for communication and prioritise each other’s needs. Sending care packages or surprise gifts can also help maintain a sense of closeness. Remember, even though you may be physically apart, your love and support can still reach across the distance.

Support each other’s goals and aspirations, even from afar:

Supporting your overseas-based husband’s goals is very important, it’s essential to be his biggest cheerleader. Encourage him to pursue his dreams and provide emotional support when he faces challenges. Stay updated on his progress and show genuine interest in his achievements. Offer to help with research, networking, or any other tasks that can contribute to his goals. Communication is key, so have open conversations about his aspirations and discuss ways you can support him from afar.

Seek emotional support from friends, family, or support groups.

Stay positive and focus on the future when you can be together again.

Develop individual hobbies and interests to stay fulfilled and engaged.

Written by Dike Ijeoma


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