As human beings, we wake up daily earnestly desirous of a better day than the previous. We sincerely wish our daily events will really be eventful. We hope and pray that our activities will be truly fulfilling.

    However, there are times, and many are they, that we just feel like under- achievers. We feel a huge void in us that just cannot be filled. There is a constant longing and a nagging need for a filling for which we cannot place a finger. We desire accomplishments that seem so close but yet so far away.

    Perhaps it may just be as a result of activities and actions in our lives that have become the norm. Our void and emptiness may just be as a result of things we daily do yet overlook, we desire yet go unnoticed.

    The difference between where you are now and where you desire to be is simply a point of two words, a point of ………NO MORE.

    Your point of ‘NO MORE’ is that time when you consciously and deliberately desire to take control of your affairs, take the bull by the horn and go in the opposite direction which leads straight to where your heart desires lie. It is the time when you tell yourself that you are better that what the world is currently serving you (or maybe what you’re currently serving the world).

    It is that point at the tip of the fulcrum which will determine which side the weight of your life and destiny will fall to.

    Ultimately, your point of ‘NO MORE’ is when you look at yourself in the mirror and begin to see a better YOU. You begin to see the person your Boss hired, the person your spouse got married to, and the person you have always wanted to be to your kids.

    Point of ‘No More’ is simply a point of DELIBERATE PERSONAL RENEWAL.
    And so if you desire to be a better person than you currently are, all it takes is a point of NO MORE. No more laziness, lying around, sitting in front of the TV watching soaps.

    If you desire a happy family but you spend more time with ‘the boys’ drinking then you need to look for your point of NO MORE.

    If you desire to lose weight but cake, soft drinks and fatty snacks are your comforters then your point of NO MORE isn’t far away.

    If you think you can do better than you are currently doing at your duty post, your point of NO MORE is just a change of character away.
    If you desire to be a more loving spouse, to give your partner what he/she truly deserves in your relationship, having been neglected all along, your point of NO MORE is just an apology and a hug away.

    You can be the person you have always wanted to be, the Father you want to be, the loving spouse, the appreciated employee, the understanding employer, the productive individual etc. All it takes is for you to get to that point of DELIBERATE PRESONAL RENEWAL which is your point of ……..’NO MORE’

    My dear friend, When is your point of NO MORE?

    Article was sent by Adeola Akinjomo,



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