WOLE SOYINKA: Social Media Has Taken Humanity Backwards


Prof. Wole Soyinka, Nobel laureate, has talked about the ills of social media.

The professor expressed grave concern over the negative use of technology and social media, saying it is now in the hands of ignoramuses.

He stated the wrong usage of technology is fast taking humanity backwards due to the use of profiling and abusive words.

Soyinka, who spoke on Friday in Lagos at the unveiling of his latest interventions volume, titled: “The Putin Files,” at Freedom Park Lagos, confessed to not being a fan of the social media.

He said:

“I don’t tweet, I don’t WhatsApp. I tried WhatsApp but I stopped.”

Reading from the book, Soyinka said: “Project Nigeria, I must confess, has become near terminally soul-searing. Do I still believe in it? I am no longer certain, but first we must rid ourselves of the tyranny of the ignorant and the opportunism of time-servers.

“In any case, there is not much else to engage one on a foundation of ownership stakes. There is, of course, always the possibility of a revolution, with a clarity of purpose and acceptance of all attendant risks, including costly errors.

“Revolutions are not, however, based on the impetus of speculative power entitlement. No matter, until that moment, the structures that ensures just and equitable cohabitation must be protected from partisan appropriation – be it from material inducement, fake news or verbal terrorism – the last being the contribution of one who is positioned to assume co-leadership of the nation, no less.”

According to him, the whole concept of democracy needs to be re-examined.

He added: “Revolution is not about lining up behind nearest available symbol. When a symbol does emerge, however, we are still obliged to examine every aspect of what is fortuitously an offer, and continue to guard our freedoms every inch of the way.”

He said Putin, as used in his book, is a metaphor and reality, adding: “We can’t be shielded from what is happening.”

He however described EndSARS as one of the most successful movements in this country because it was based on truth.


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