Wike: I Became Emotional When I Saw People Crying During My Handing Over Ceremony


Nyesom Wike, the immediate past Governor of Rivers State has revealed why he became emotional during his handing over ceremony.

He said that he was well received after handing over as governor due to his performance while in office that he became emotional.

Wike stated that when he saw people shedding tears and jubilating after he handed the flag over to his successor he knew that people appreciated the difference he made in their lives

The erstwhile Governor stated this while speaking in an interview with journalists on Tuesday.

He explained that the reception he received from his kinsmen and Rivers people was an appreciation of his excellent performance.

He said:

“Nobody handed over to me when I took over as governor. So, I didn’t know what it was like until that day that I handed over the office to my predecessor. I have never witnessed a handover ceremony.

“When I handed over the flag of the state and documents to my predecessor and he saw me off. When I became emotional when I saw people shedding tears, I was touched. But that didn’t bother me much when I left the stadium and saw the huge crowd on the road and I came down from the car and saw the wild jubilation.

“It meant that people appreciated that I made a difference in their lives. It had never happened in the history of the state that people would come out jubilating over somebody who is exiting the office.

“When it is towards the end of your tenure normally you don’t see anybody coming to you, but in my case it is different. Even as I speak to you, you will think that I’m still in office.”

Speaking further, Wike noted that everyone could see the physical changes he made to Rivers state, adding that there was no made up stories.

He disclosed that his father was very joyful to see him and gave him a hero’s welcome.

“I think it is because of the way that I improved the infrastructure in the state, so people can see. It is not about stories or politics, it is about what people can see in Rivers State. Port Harcourt has changed.

“People can begin to wonder if Port Harcourt can be like this. The greatest thing any politician can have is when his people come out to receive him, to say “Our son you have done well, we appreciate you. You didn’t disappoint us.

“The day I got to my village and my father came out to receive me, you could see the joy. How many Governors have experienced that? They spread wrappers on the road and asked me to step on them. It is a triumphant entry and a hero’s reception,” he added.


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