Why Samuel Ajibola Exited Popular Nigerian Sitcom, “The Johnsons”


For nine years, Nigerian actor Samuel Ajibola brought laughter and life to the role of Spiff in the beloved soap opera “The Johnsons.” However, in 2021, he made a surprising decision to leave the show, sparking curiosity and questions among fans as gathered by Naijassador. Now, Ajibola has shed light on his reasons, highlighting personal growth and artistic aspirations beyond the iconic character.

In recent interviews obtained by Naijassador, Ajibola emphasized that his departure wasn’t due to any negativity towards the show or his colleagues. Instead, he explained it as a natural progression in his career journey. “It was time for me to do other things,” he stated, acknowledging the immense value his experience on “The Johnsons” brought him.

Several key factors influenced Ajibola’s decision. While Spiff offered him comedic prowess and recognition, he craved exploring diverse roles and pushing his acting boundaries. Leaving the comfort zone of a long-running series presented an opportunity to experiment and showcase his full acting range.

Ajibola revealed ambitions beyond acting. He expressed a desire to delve into directing and producing, venturing behind the scenes to contribute to the creative process in new ways. Leaving “The Johnsons” allowed him the time and flexibility to explore these avenues. The actor acknowledged that staying in one role for nine years could lead to creative stagnation. He emphasized the importance of personal growth and pursuing opportunities that align with his evolving identity and goals.

Samuel Ajibola’s decision didn’t come lightly. He expressed his deep gratitude to the show’s creators, cast, and crew, acknowledging the impact “The Johnsons” had on his career and life. He also reassured fans that leaving Spiff behind didn’t mean leaving acting altogether.

His next steps showcase his commitment to diversifying his artistic portfolio. He has taken on new acting roles, explored directing opportunities, and continues to develop his production skills. This multifaceted approach reflects his desire to evolve beyond the beloved Spiff and carve his unique path in the industry.

Samuel Ajibola’s exit from “The Johnsons” serves as a reminder that artistic journeys are rarely linear. His bold decision highlights the importance of personal growth, embracing new challenges, and pursuing artistic fulfilment beyond established roles. His story inspires fellow actors and creatives to courageously explore their ambitions and leave their lasting mark on the world.

Who is Samuel Ajibola?

Nigerian actor Samuel Ajibola has etched his name in the hearts of audiences with his comedic portrayal of Spiff in the hit television series “The Johnsons.” But his journey in the world of entertainment goes far beyond that iconic role. Let’s delve into the multifaceted life of this talented actor, director, producer, and youth advocate.

Early Steps and Comic Brilliance

Ajibola’s artistic spark ignited early. At the tender age of six, he landed his first role in Opa Williams’ film “Tears for Love,” setting the stage for a flourishing career. He garnered recognition for his child-actor performances, even securing the award for Best Kid Actor for three consecutive years – a remarkable feat.

“The Johnsons” catapulted the aspiring actor to national fame. His portrayal of the hilarious and mischievous Spiff captivated audiences for nine seasons. He expertly navigated the character’s comedic nuances, making him a household name and a beloved figure in Nigerian pop culture.

However, Ajibola’s artistic ambitions soared beyond the confines of a single role. In 2021, he made the bold decision to depart “The Johnsons” to pursue diverse creative avenues. This wasn’t a goodbye to acting, but an exciting “hello” to new possibilities.

He ventured into directing and producing, establishing his production company, Visual Craft Nigeria Limited. This allowed him to explore storytelling from behind the scenes, showcasing his multifaceted talent and leadership skills. His passion for youth empowerment led him to become the Youth Ambassador for the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, actively contributing to the development of young minds.

In Conclusion,

Ajibola’s journey is marked by a continual dedication to learning and personal growth. He graduated with a Master’s Degree, demonstrating his commitment to self-improvement and a well-rounded perspective. Moreover, he established a foundation that mentors school children, reflecting his desire to give back to the community that nurtured him.

With his acting chops, directorial vision, and entrepreneurial spirit, his future holds endless possibilities. Whether he graces the stage, directs compelling stories, or empowers young minds, his dedication to his craft and passion for positive impact set him on a unique trajectory.


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