Dame Patience Jonathan, on Wednesday, February 25, in Ikom, Cross River, instructed Nigerians to cast their votes for her husband in coming presidential poll.

The First Lady of Nigeria made the call at the rally of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ikom, Cross River Central Senatorial District.

She said her husband had earned re-election for a second term.

Mrs Jonathan said she was in Ikom in extension of the PDP nationwide women’s rally to solicit votes for her husband.

Dame Patience, speaking briefly after inaugurating the 6,000-capacity Ikom Township Stadium, said Jonathan had so far done well enough to deserve a second term as president.

She said: ”I came to thank you for keeping to your promise in 2011 to vote for my husband. And I want to use this opportunity to appeal to you to you to repeat the same thing in the March 28 presidential election. My husband, during his first tenure, has performed tremendously and has impacted positively on the people especially women.

”My husband promised to give women 35 per cent appointment in line with the Affirmative Action and he did. Now we are in 2015, and he will do more for the nation and women in particular.”

The First Lady named successes achieved by the PDP-ruled administration including improvements in health care distribution so that the infant mortality rate had dropped severely.

Mrs Jonathan said her husband’s government had established federal universities and instituted development programmes to empower women and youths.

According to the First Lady, President Jonathan’s government should also be applauded for building no fewer than 125 Almajiri schools to take children off the streets and give them hope, as well as for improvements in the transportation and energy sectors.

Dame Patience enjoined people not to be persuaded by those who claim to be agents of change.

”When they were in office, they did not implement the change they are canvassing now. Those promising you change did not recognise nor regard women when they were in office and it is better you follow a man who has promised to do more for the nation and sworn to keep it,” she said.

”You have two options, either President Jonathan or nothing. I am confident that the women, youths and all eligible voters in Cross River will vote for Jonathan and all PDP candidates on March 28 and April 11 elections.”

Mrs. Jonathan is travelling across the country to campaign for Nigerians to cast their votes for her husband in the coming presidential election.

Dame Patience recently advised PDP women members to strengthen their campaign efforts to guarantee victory for President Jonathan on March 28.