What You Don’t Know About Clarence Peter’s Parents


In 1982, the understudy was cast in Money Power, a movie by veteran filmmaker Ola Balogun. Young Clarion only got cast in the role of ‘Yemi’ in Money Power, after her performance as ‘Moji’ in Camwood on the Leaves, a play written by her professor, Wole Soyinka. Unknown to Clarion, Ola Balogun was in the audience and was taken by the young actor’s showmanship.

The role of Yemi had earlier been cast to a different actress, but by a stroke of fate, Ola Balogun shuffled the cards and Clarion ended up with the role that would change her life forever. In 1982, Clarion was an impressionable aspiring actress of 18, just crossing the corridors of adulthood.

In 1982, on the set of Money Power, the movie, the paths of Clara Nneka Chukwura and Oluwashina Akanbi Peters, then 25, would cross.

SSP was cast alongside Clara in the movie and this would be the beginning of a whirlwind romance between the two.

This relationship would lead to the birth of their son, Clarence Abiodun Peters. Clarence was born in 1983, to his 19-year-old actress mother and his 26-year-old afro juju father. The co-stars were unmarried then and continued to remain so. The relationship between Peters and Clarion would end just as quickly as it began.

Sir Shina Peters And His Wife Sammie Peters

At the time of the whirlwind romance between Peters and Clarion, Sammie Ayoka, whom Peters will eventually marry, was already in the picture. In 1982, Shina Peters and Sammie Ayoka celebrated their traditional marriage and eventually had their court wedding in 1995.

In 1983, Shina Peters was only six years shy of the Ace (Afro Juju Series 1) album with his band Sir Shina Peters and His International Band. The album that would go double platinum, usher Shina Peters into the hall of fame of Nigerian artists and seal Afro Juju as a genre of music to reckon with.

He would also release Shinamania (Afro Juju Series 2) in 1990, which would win him the AfroJuju Musician of the Year award and draw millions of fans to him.

In 1983, Clarion already won the Best Actress award in Burkina Faso at the Panafrican Film and Television Festival in 1982 and was a year away from featuring in Mirror in the Sun. Mirror in the Sun is the soap opera that would crown the actress a Nollywood sweetheart and bring her from stage plays and small movies, onto the Big screen.

Shortly after the birth of her son in 1983, Clarion joined the University of Ibadan Performing Company and also became a part of Tunji Oyelana’s band “The Kenneries” as a backup vocalist, leaving Clarence with her mother.

Clarion will feature in the Nollywood blockbuster “Egg of Life” alongside Nkeru Sylvanus and Georgina Onuoha. Throughout her career, she would appear in more than 200 movies like Caught in the Act, Fiery Force, Yemoja, Forbidden Choice, Glamour Girls and several other movies. The iconic actress has won several awards in the course of her remarkable career, including the Afro-Hollywood Best Actress Award for her role in Glamour Girls in 1997.

The actress became a United Nations Special Peace Ambassador in 2007, for her humanitarian efforts in Nigeria, Cameroon and Kenya.

After her relationship with Peters ended in ‘83, Clarion got married to Tunde Abiola, younger brother to philanthropist politician, MKO Abiola. The marriage ended in 2003.

She later got married to popular socialite Femi Oduneye, in 2004. That marriage was also short-lived, as the couple got separated in 2006.

In 2016, Clarion then 51, got married to her third husband and current husband, Anthony Boyd in the United States. Safe to say that the actress didn’t let a few heartbreaks stop her from getting her happy ever ending.

It is no surprise that Clarence Abiodun Peters, who was primarily raised by his mother, an actress and who is also the son of a musician, will take to entertainment. At barely seven years old, Clarence was already featured in movies like Amin Orun, Jokotade by Sola Sobawale, and Family Circles among others.

Clarence, unlike his parents, would take his art behind the scenes and become a video director, cinematographer and filmmaker. He studied cinematography at City Varsity in South Africa and upon his return to Nigeria, co-founded and became the CEO of Capital Hill Records, a record label that represents acts like iLLBliss, Tha Suspect, Chidinma and others.


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