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What Happened The Night I Slept In A Hotel With My Ex Girlfriend – Man



A man has shared an experience he had after taking his girlfriend to a hotel.

He shared the experience on Nairaland and wrote:

“So years ago, when i was in school, i visited my ex in her city for the first time she was a student too. Before i travel to see her, I asked her if there is any hotel were we can lodge. I need a hotel far from where you live, she said yes that good hotels are far from the school.

Na so i land for her area that Friday night around 10pm we went straight to one of the hotels their rooms were booked in fact all the big hotels were fully booked na so we settled for 2500 fan or 3k Ac kind of hotel just for that night, we settled with the one with Jesus breeze cos a customer was complaining of their AC.

Brethren, that night after every, we were gisting, around pass 12am na so rat begin scratch my toes, I say wetin be this just immediately my ex stood up and screamed her toes. Na so i on light see as three big rats run enter wardrobe disappear.

Around pass 1am we heard a heavy banging on our door it continued my ex carry duvet run enter bathroom, I went to the door, held the handle and was shaking the door like i want to open it. Whilst at it I shouted “who goes” wida you na” no be me de there oo. Na so the noise stop we didn't close our eyes all through the night cos we didn't know what next to expect. grin grin”


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