“Dear Lord, I pray that Divine currencies in any form, dollars, pounds, naira… will fill my bank account now, and let me become rich, Amen”?

Like seriously, is that how it is been done? No, you get to be kidding me.

We all would have been rich by now if that’s how it works.

What do you think will now happen to the scripture, “Let him who do not work, not be given food? No food for the lazy(paraphrasing)”.

Now, this is how it works and the right way:

You ask God for money; He gives you ideas.

You ask God for prosperity; He instructs you to learn a high-income skill.

You ask God for riches and wealth, He teaches you how to collect, retain, and multiply this money.

You ask Him for success, He shows you books to read, digest, and implement.

You ask Him for Favor, He teaches you good communication, humility, and cheerfulness.

You ask Him, for this… He shows you how to attain it through a medium.

Yeah, that’s the formula, carnal things don’t dwell in the unapproachable light, it all resides here with you, expecting you to navigate your way to it.

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Money doesn’t fall from heaven, likewise houses and cars, you have to put in the effort to attain the maximum result.

In this domain how we attain goodies is by walking in practical principles existing a long time ago. You go ahead and act, stop wasting time and wishing already, put in the work, yea everything you’ve got, whatever thy hand finds doing.

Again, I ask, what are you doing asking God for Money? Hope you now know what to ask: Lord show and teach me the way!

Well, the whole idea of this write-up isn’t trying to debut the fact that asking God for money is wrong, but to let you know that God does not put money in your hands but does that in the form of the aforementioned, ideas, skills, and the likes.

Having known this, it’s paramount to be able to be alert to hear vividly from God when these, ideas and provisions drop.

Meanwhile, here are things to put in check to help you hear vividly from God:

  1. Being prayerful

Prayers they say are the master key. To get something from your maker He instructed that you ask and you will be given, and that you seek and you will find, and that you should knock and that the door will be opened unto you; for those who seek find, and those who knock, to them the door will be opened and to those who ask it will be given. All these have been said to help promote prayerful lifestyles and living amongst believers.

  1. Be studious
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Being studious entails being a person who likes to study, both books and the Bible. A scriptural verse said my people perish for lack of knowledge. Opening up our minds to really grasp and understand a lot of valuable knowledge, insights and education is paramount for our success as believers and as Christians.

One who does not know can’t understand and one who can’t understand cannot do anything, so you have to first of all know, then seek to understand, and then act afterward.

  1. Fellowship

The act of fellowship is the coming together of brethren who have a common interest in the things of God, coming together to serve and worship Him in truth and spirit. One advantage of fellowshipping is the fact that you get corrected by your fellow brethren in case of fall short; in all thy doing, do not forsake the gathering of the brethren.

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In conclusion, the whole idea of “what are you doing asking God for money” is to help instill positive and clean values in us regarding ways through which we ask for things from God. Regardless of your tribe, ethnicity, gender, and makeup, God is interested in you and He wants you to ask from Him genuinely and wholeheartedly and most importantly, rightly, and then He will answer you from Heaven and grant all your heart desires.

Many persons get it wrong when asking and seeking help hence the refusal to receive answers from God, don’t get the whole thing wrong, get it rightly, and put in effort to ask well and rightly.

So here is some advice: be informed that God is ever ready and always open-minded to hear from you ask of Him and He is ever ready to answer all your heart desires if you genuinely ask by His word and he’ll grant them all to you; keep asking.

Written by Elisha Bamaiyi


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