Uti Nwachukwu Talks about Sex and the Challenges of Being a Born-Again Christian


UtiMedia personality and former Big Brother Africa winner Uti Nwachkwu has shared his thoughts on Christianity and the fact that even though he became Born-Again in 2006, it hasn’t been a smooth ride all through.

Uti told Vanguard, “Of course, I am born again, I found Christ in 2006, I have always believed in Christ but I answered the altar call in 2006. But I must tell you I am not still perfect”.

He also stated that “Being born again, means accepting Christ as your Lord and personal saviour. He didn’t come to the world for the righteous, Christ came for the imperfect ones like me and you. I genuinely want to change, Christ is right there soliciting and interceding for me, because he is the way, the truth and the life. People fail to see that it is we, the imperfect, that Christ came for, and I am extremely imperfect. I am not the stereotypical type of born again; I am the type that is aware of the love and grace.”

Speaking on some of the challenges he has faced over the years in terms of his religion, Uti explained, “Personally, I would not want to have sex before marriage but sometimes you fall and when you fall, you repent and beg God for forgiveness; it’s not easy”

Credit: Vanguard


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