Friday, January 27, 2023

US fans turn against Harry and Meghan amid Royal Family controversy

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Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly do no longer enjoy the support they used to receive from the American public following their constant attacks against the Royal Family.

The Duke of Sussex has released his new memoir ‘Spare' in which he discusses about his life before his decision to walk away from the Royal Family.

Washington-based British royal expert, Nile Gardiner, explained that Americans are quickly turning against the couple.

“Harry isn't a popular figure in America, and nor is Meghan Markle,” Gardiner told Express UK.

“The Queen was massively popular in the US so he is increasingly seen as a negative and whining character in the US. The American public is starting to turn against both Harry and Meghan.

“They are now seen as endlessly whining Hollywood-style celebrities. Most Americans see through them for what they are. Harry was once a very popular figure in America but now he has a narrow band of supporters among the liberal elites.”

Gardiner, who is a Royal Family enthusiast, has been critical of Harry and even expressed his hope that the Duke of Sussex never returns to the United Kingdom.

“Prince Harry is the worst British export to the United States in over 200 years,” Gardiner posted on Twitter.

If he ever gets deported from America, hopefully it will be to Canada and not back to the UK.”

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