Instagram Blogger, Tunde Ednut has reacted to the increasing number of videos showing women selling charms which can be used to hook men after s*x.

Taking to social media, Tunde Ednut wondered how women will react if such charms were being old by men on social media.

According to him, s*x derived as a result of charms is same as s*x without consent.

He wrote:

“If a group of men on Instagram starts selling charms that make men easily sleep with any lady he wants or any lady that likes him, own her till he’s tired, they will fight against it. They will even call it s*x without her consent cause you charmed her. Wait! All those ladies on Instagram selling things to hook men, make them fall in love and give you all their money are what? No one is talking about this. They post those things on Instagram openly. It is well. Think about it”.