Top 7 Most Followed Nigerian Families on Twitter


In the world of social media, X (Formerly Twitter) is a key platform where voices are heard, conversations ignite, and communities flourish. 

In Nigeria’s lively Twitter community, families hold sway, captivating audiences with their unique perspectives and humor. 

From content creators to insightful commentators, government officials, entertainers and celebrities, some families have made their mark on the platform. 

Join us as we explore their stories, personalities, and the connections that bind them. Follow along as we delve deeper into Nigerian Twitter, where certain 7 families take center stage, above others.

1. Adeleke Family

Topping the charts as the number one most followed family on Nigerian Twitter is none other than the illustrious Adeleke family. 

With a staggering total of 15.4 million followers across their accounts, they reign supreme in the realm of social media influence.

At the forefront is the iconic figure of Nigerian music, Davido, whose Twitter handle @davido boasts an impressive 14.9 million followers. He is not only a celebrated artist but also a prominent member of the Adeleke clan, contributing significantly to their online presence.

Following closely behind is the distinguished Osun State Governor, @AAdeleke_01, with a respectable following of 228K. Governor Adeleke, who happens to be Davido’s uncle, carries the weight of both political and familial influence on his Twitter platform.

Completing the trifecta is @B_RedHKN, the talented son of Governor Adeleke, whose Twitter handle gathers 175K followers. As a cousin to Davido and a Nigerian musician himself, B-Red adds another dimension to the Adeleke family’s online prominence.

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2. Otedola Family

Ranked as the second most followed family on Nigerian Twitter is the Otedola family, boasting a collective following of 10.8 million. 

The renowned billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola, with his Twitter handle @realFemiOtedola, commands an impressive following of 802K. His daughter, the multi-talented DJ Cuppy, known as @cuppymusic, reigns with 6.3 million followers, captivating audiences with her electrifying music and vibrant personality. 

Alongside her is @TemiOtedola, an actress and blogger, who adds to the family’s digital presence with her 3.6 million followers.

3. Adekunle Gold Family

Ranked as the third most followed family on Nigerian Twitter is the Adekunle Gold family, boasting a combined total of 8.81 million followers. 

Led by the musical power couple, @SympLySimi and @adekunleGOLD, their online presence radiates creativity, authenticity, and warmth. Simi, with 5.62 million followers, and Adekunle Gold, with 3.18 million, have established themselves as influential figures in the Nigerian Twitter community. 

Their engaging content, ranging from music updates to personal anecdotes, resonates deeply with their audience, fostering a strong connection and sense of camaraderie.

4. Okoye Family

The fourth most followed family on Nigerian Twitter, the Okoye Family boasts a substantial audience of 7.14 million followers. 

This dynamic family is represented by two influential members: @PeterPsquare with 4.67 million followers and @rudeboypsquare with 2.47 million followers. 

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As individual accounts, each brother brings their own flair and charisma to the platform, captivating audiences with their content. 

5. Wellington Family

As the fifth most followed family on Nigerian Twitter, The Wellingtons, consisting of Banky W (@BankyW) and Adesua Etomi W (@AdesuaEtomiW), boast a combined following of 4.43 million. 

Banky W, with 3.84 million followers, and Adesua Etomi W, with 595K followers, have amassed a substantial audience on the platform. 

Known for their talents in the entertainment industry, this power couple’s Twitter presence extends beyond their professional endeavors.

6. El-Rufai Family

Ranked as the 6th most followed family on Nigerian Twitter is the El-Rufai family, boasting a collective following of 2.77 million. 

Headlining this influential clan is @elrufai, the verified account of Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, the former Governor of Kaduna State, with an impressive 2.32 million followers.

Joining him in the Twitter spotlight is his son, @B_ELRUFAI, currently serving as a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives, representing Kaduna North Federal Constituency in the 10th National Assembly. Despite a slightly smaller following of 249K, his impact is noteworthy.

Adding literary flair to the family is @hadizel, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai’s wife and a celebrated Nigerian writer (novelist), with a substantial following of 202K.

Completing this influential ensemble is another wife of Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, @AishaUmmi_Garba, with a dedicated following of 22K.

Together, the El-Rufai family commands a significant presence on Nigerian Twitter, offering a glimpse into the multifaceted dynamics of their family and professional lives, resonating with a wide audience across the platform.

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7. Tinubu Family

Ranked as the 7th most followed family on Nigerian Twitter is the esteemed Tinubu family, led by none other than the Nigerian President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, @officialABAT with 2.44 million followers.

Next at the forefront is @Stinubu, representing Seyi Tinubu, the enterprising son of the President, with a following of 72K. 

Following closely is @RemiTinubu, embodying the role of Nigeria’s First Lady since 2023, with a modest following of 12K. 

Completing the trio is @iyalojageneral, the account of Folashade Tinubu-Ojo, daughter of President Tinubu and the Iyaloja of Nigeria, with a following of 3.8K.


These families show a wide range of skills, influence, and connections on Nigerian Twitter. They bring different talents and perspectives, from music to politics. Through their Twitter accounts, they share what they love and what they know, gaining the attention of millions of followers.

They’re not just entertaining; they also inspire people and bring them together. Whether it’s through music, business, or public work, these families make a big difference online, shaping stories and getting people involved.

In the world of Twitter, these families are examples of creativity, togetherness, and making a difference. They show how family ties and social media can make voices heard and bring about positive change.


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