Top 7 Healthiest New Year’s Resolutions For 2015


    New Year 2015 is coming very soon, this calls for serious changes in your life! Here are 7 easy resolutions you need to start following as early as possible.

    1. Eat dairy products every day

    Studies suggest that dairy products could help protect against diabetes. The researchers believe beneficial bacteria and a special form of vitamin K in fermented dairy products cut diabetes risk.

    Drink milk - be healthy

    2. Count to seven while breathing in

    Mindfulness – a simple form of meditation that requires you to clear your head of clutter – has been shown to offer protection against stress and depression. Brain scans show it can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

    3. Swap ibuprofen for paracetamol

    Ibuprofen can damage your stomach lining while paracetamol is much kinder to your body – and should always be the first line of attack.

    4. Watch an hour less TV each day 


    After the age of 25, every hour of TV you watch could potentially reduce your life by 22 minutes, scientists say. This is because long periods of inactivity cause muscles to weaken, as well as making the body less efficient at processing sugar and fats. This increases the risk of illness and even death.

    5. Drink cocoa at bedtime

    A recent study has shown that the antioxidants in cocoa can improve memory in older people by improving blood flow to certain parts of the brain.

    6. Sneeze into your elbow

    Coughs and colds are often transmitted via your hands after you politely sneeze into them. Break the chain of transmission by using your elbow instead – virologists suggest.

    Sneeze into your elbow - beat a cold

    7. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier

    Over a month, the extra minutes could add up to seven-and-a-half hours more sleep – a whole extra night – which gives more time for your body to repair and restore itself.

    And remember, tiny modifications are easier to achieve and if a healthy action becomes habit, it could last a lifetime!


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