Top 5 Restaurants In Lagos To Enjoy A Family Dinner


Lagos is a city where leaves can be tasted by every tongue. However, on a family evening, it takes more than just food to make the evening. Such an evening, besides unique food, also needs to be in a serene environment where everyone’s preference is respected. The following are Naijassador’s pick of the 5 best restaurants in Lagos that one should visit for a family dinner.

1. Cactus Restaurant

Cactus is one of the most beloved Lagos spots. It offers a great atmosphere and a special playroom for children. The vast menu includes various international dishes, mouth-watering pizzas, and salads. A classic steak that will melt in your mouth spaghetti with children’s favourite ingredients, and individual portions or a pizza with a variety of fillings. Also, be sure to visit the bakery for fresh pastries.

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2. Spur Nigeria

Spur Nigeria is the place for you if fun-loving comfort food is what your family desires. Spur Nigeria presents a mouth-watering array of flame-grilled steaks, loaded burgers, and the ever-popular Peri-Peri chicken on their menu. Spur’s “parotitis,” or huge stuffed dough pockets full of exciting flavours, are well-known. Spur Nigeria has a distinctive kids’ menu and pleasant waitstaff. Thus, the entire family will have a great time.

3. Hard Rock Café

Are you a music fan? Why not have a little rock and roll energy at your family dinner? Hard Rock Cafe will entertain you with its boisterous vibe and music memorabilia. The menu is no less entertaining – you can get sizzling fajitas, juicy burgers, and light milkshakes. For the picky ones, there is a developed kids’ menu that takes care of your child’s health.

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4. RSVP Lagos

If you are looking for a fancier but family-friendly place to eat, you could check RSVP Lagos. The fashionable restaurant includes both indoor and outdoor seating options as well as a poolside bar for the adults to enjoy beautiful sights. The menu includes a varied variety of healthy, freshly cooked meals from across the world. Freshly cooked dough pizzas, savoury steaks, organic burgers, and tasty fish dishes are all available at RSVP to satisfy everyone at the table.

5. The House Restaurant

The House Restaurant located on Victoria Island is a lovely restaurant ideal for an intimate family outing. Unlike most family restaurants, The House Restaurant is designed as a cosy house with a living room set up for its patrons. The menu is a combination of local Nigerian food with a trendy, upscale approach and international cuisines. In addition, the restaurant provides a thoughtful wine menu for the parents who attend with their children.

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In Conclusion

If time permits, browse the restaurant’s online presence before visiting it. Almost all restaurants on this list have active social media pages or websites in Lagos showing the menu, dining ambience, and family offers, among others. With this list, you should be able to pick the ideal spot on your next family dinner outing in Lagos. Make lasting memories with family while enjoying wholesome laughter, good food, and quality time.


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