Top 5 Nigerian Movies About Fatherhood


In Nigeria, where storytelling is a rich part of the culture, Nollywood has produced numerous films that capture the essence of fatherhood, family dynamics, and the importance of paternal influence. Here are the top 5 Nigerian movies handpicked by Naijassador, that celebrate fatherhood.

1. A Father’s Love

Watch A Father’s Love a Nigerian movie about family, deceit, and what being a father means. A kindhearted taxi driver named David discovers an abandoned baby in his car’s backseat. He manages to look after the child despite his difficulties but his whole universe is shattered when he learns about a scandal of his wife and kids. The story is about love, forgiveness and family relationships. Intense moments, and true-to-life situations faced by Lagosians every day.

2. Chief Daddy

Set in Lagos, “Chief Daddy” tells the story of the sudden death of Chief Beecroft, a billionaire businessman. The different wives, children and mistresses are rounding up to pay their respects to the father of the family, and also more importantly to claim their inheritance. Amid the rubble, the movie shows us behind the faces of Chief Beecroft and his other lives. This comedy-drama offers a humorous yet touching exploration of family dynamics and the impact of a father’s legacy on his children.

3. Kill Boro

Kill Boro is a movie by Courage Obayuwana and it is a thriller that explores controversial themes set around an abusive father. A young boy, Elijah watches as his abusive father, Boro makes life unbearable for his mother. Forced to act out against his suffering, he promises a gang leader that he will finally put this eternal torment meted to him and his mother by his father to rest. This fast-paced film in Azuama examines family, surviving difficult choices and hoping for salvation. Kill Boro stars Nollywood best like Ini Dima-Okojie, Philip Asaya and Greg “Teddy Bear” Ojefua. This story takes you on a roller-coaster adventure that leaves you wondering who will live.

4. The Black Book

Black Book is a Nigerian 2023 action thriller about born-again hitman turned fervent deacon Paul Edima. His idyllic life is turned upside down when his son is accused of a crime, he did not commit kidnapping by one of Paul’s old friends, and longtime corrupt officials. Paul, driven by his grief and the need for justice, abandons his deacon’s robes for revenge. Thus, he goes back for vengeance and decides to eliminate his son’s name out of such a mess by leading against an impenetrable police gang, along the way he will also be facing his past life. This Editi Effiong-directed movie starring Richard Mofe-Damijo on Netflix has been described as the Nigerian version of John Wick for its action-packed story about a retired hitman seeking vengeance.

5. Another Father’s Day

The movie, Another Father’s Day, is a 2019 Nigerian family comedy written and directed by Bukola Ogunsola. It is the follow-up to Happy Father’s Day. The story tells of a successful lawyer named Mark who has it all yet is still in search of more but doesn’t realize his emptiness until he discovers the conspiracy set up against him. Scared of having to spend another chaotic Father’s Day alone with the kids, an overworked Mark tries to impress his wife Paula with a big gesture. Beyond the hilarious misadventure and lesson of domesticity, Another Father’s Day explores family dynamics in a light-hearted and comedic Nigerian setting. The movie features Mercy Aigbe, Wale Ojo and others.


From heartwarming family dramas to intense thrillers, these are the top 5 Nigerian movies that explore the different aspects of fatherhood and family dynamics. It will be perfect for a fun and thoughtful Father’s Day together with the family.

Written by Sarah Aboje


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