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Top 3 Places The EFCC Should Look Into If Truly They Are After Fraudsters In Nigeria



The EFCC has been a sole fighter against cyber crimes and fraudsters in Nigeria.

A day will never go without seeing the actions of the agency in social media as they are ruthless in purifying the country off fraud-related issues.

However, the fight is biased and instead of chasing the wrong people. There are places the EFCC should really comb very well if they are truly fighting cyber crime.

1. Head Of Govt Offices

There's no doubt that the most corrupt people are in within the government parastatals.

The amount of frauds going on in these places are alarming. Even with the recent FBI's conviction of many people working with the government recently. One can only wonder why the EFCC has not deemed it fit to look towards the direction.

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2. Musical Producers

The society believes the musicians are too much into fraud while they neglect these producers. Looking at what Nigeria looks like, Music producers who has no hit with their names live above their means, flaunt luxuries and many unbelieveable things that shows they are into illegal ways.

EFCC has constantly shunned these people but go after upcoming acts in the industry.

3. IG Comedians:

This sector certainly has up to at least 35% fraudster.

The whole joy of any Instagram comedian is to have companies giving adverts, sponsored posts emand sorts which we can truly see among many of them. However, the most surprising thing is seeing these new ones coming up with huge achievements in less than a year with no endorsement that could lead to such fortunes.

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Obviously most of them are into fraud but use the comedy sector for cover-up.

This does not mean all these people are into fraud but certainly, it is a sure place for EFCC to find out of truly they are after fraud.

Which Type Of People Do You Think Should Be On The List?

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