Top 20 African Artistes With The Most Spotify Listeners 


In an era where digital streaming serves as the heartbeat of the music industry, African artists are not just participating; they are leading and redefining the global music scene. 

This article takes a closer look at the top 30 African artists who are capturing the ears and hearts of millions worldwide through Spotify, one of the most influential music streaming platforms.

1. Ayra Starr (Nigeria) – 31.4 Million Monthly Listeners

At the zenith of this list is Ayra Starr, a Nigerian powerhouse whose infectious blend of Afropop and R&B has catapulted her to international fame. 

Her music, often characterized by its vibrant beats and soulful lyrics, resonates with a diverse audience, making her the most listened-to African artist on Spotify.

2. Tyla (South Africa) – 31.2 Million Monthly Listeners

Close on Ayra Starr’s heels is Tyla from South Africa, whose dance-driven tracks and captivating visual style have made her a global phenomenon almost overnight. 

Tyla’s music effortlessly blends influences from amapiano, pop, and R&B, crafting a sound that’s both unique and universally appealing.

3. Rema (Nigeria) – 24.3 Million Monthly Listeners

Rema’s meteoric rise is fueled by his distinctive sound, which merges Afrobeats with futuristic pop. 

This Nigerian artist’s catchy tunes and rhythmic mastery have earned him a spot among the elite, making waves with hits that transcend borders.

4. Tems (Nigeria) – 19 Million Monthly Listeners

Tems, known for her velvety voice and introspective songwriting, brings a soulful depth to the Nigerian music scene. 

Her global breakout, partly thanks to her collaboration on Wizkid’s “Essence,” has spotlighted her as a critical figure in the rise of African music.

5. Burna Boy (Nigeria) – 15.7 Million Monthly Listeners

Often hailed as the “African Giant,” Burna Boy’s music is a rich tapestry of African rhythms, reggae, and American rap. His global appeal is evident in his storytelling, which bridges cultures and continents.

6. Sofiya Nzau (Kenya) – 10.4 Million Monthly Listeners

Representing East Africa, Sofiya Nzau brings a unique blend of traditional Kenyan music and modern pop sounds, creating a vibrant and appealing rhythm that captivates a global audience.

7. CKay (Nigeria) – 9.4 Million Monthly Listeners

CKay’s global hit “Love Nwantiti” has become an anthem on social media patforms and dance floors around the world, illustrating his ability to craft catchy hooks and melodies.

8. Omah Lay (Nigeria) – 9.39 Million Monthly Listeners

Omah Lay combines a smooth, rhythmic flow with deeply personal lyrics, making his music both relatable and relaxing. His sound is a soothing blend of Afropop and soul.

9. Wizkid (Nigeria) – 9.3 Million Monthly Listeners

A superstar in the Afrobeats world, Wizkid has consistently produced hits that have played a significant role in pushing African music to the forefront of the global scene.

10. Soolking (Algeria) – 8.9 Million Monthly Listeners

Soolking offers a unique mix of trap music with traditional Algerian raï. His music speaks on his heritage and experiences, resonating with listeners across North Africa and beyond.

11. Fireboy DML (Nigeria) – 8.2 Million Monthly Listeners

Fireboy DML’s lyricism and blend of Afrobeats with soulful melodies have made him a favorite among those who appreciate thoughtful and emotive music.

12. Davido (Nigeria) – 7.9 Million Monthly Listeners

A powerhouse in African music, Davido’s infectious energy and catchy melodies have earned him a solid base of listeners and numerous international accolades.

13. Libianca (Cameroon) – 7.8 Million Monthly Listeners

Libianca has captured the attention of a global audience with her soulful voice and compelling storytelling rooted in her Cameroonian heritage.

14. Victony (Nigeria) – 7.1 Million Monthly Listeners

Emerging as a strong voice in Afrobeats, Victony’s music is characterized by its rhythm, energy, and ability to move listeners both physically and emotionally.

15. Seether (South Africa) – 7.058 Million Monthly Listeners

As one of the few rock bands on this list, Seether brings a grungy, post-grunge sound that has maintained a strong following across the world, proving the universal appeal of their music.

16. Tempoe (Nigeria) – 6.9 Million Monthly Listeners

Tempoe is a hitmaker whose production skills are behind some of the biggest tracks in Africa today, crafting beats that are both innovative and infectious.

17. Asake (Nigeria) – 6.7 Million Monthly Listeners

Asake has rapidly become a sensation in the Nigerian music scene. His music perfectly blends traditional Yoruba beats with contemporary Afrobeats rhythms. His energetic performances and catchy lyrics have quickly amassed a significant following.

18. Amaarae (Ghana) – 5.9 Million Monthly Listeners

Amaarae’s music is a bold fusion of alté, R&B, and highlife sounds, marked by her ethereal vocals and avant-garde style. She stands out for her innovative musical approach, which has garnered her a cult following and critical acclaim.

19. Kizz Daniel (Nigeria) – 5 Million Monthly Listeners

Known for his distinctive Afro-pop style, Kizz Daniel has a knack for creating hits that blend Afrobeats with smooth, romantic lyrics. His tracks are staples at parties and reflect the vibrancy of Nigerian music culture.

20. BNXN (Nigeria) – 4.6 Million Monthly Listeners

Formerly known as Buju, BNXN has made waves with his unique voice and genre-melding sound, combining Afrobeats with Caribbean influences. His ability to create hook-laden tracks that remain in your mind long after they end has made him a favorite among young listeners.


The diversity and vibrancy of African music are beautifully reflected in this roster of artists who are not only leaders in their countries but also major players on the world stage.

As these artists continue to blend local sounds with global trends, they are not just streaming through Spotify; they are streaming into the hearts and playlists of millions across the globe. Each artist, with their unique style and musical offerings, contributes to the rich tapestry of sounds that African music brings to the world. 

Through their melodies, rhythms, and lyrics, the top 30 African artists on Spotify are indeed weaving a whole new world of musical heritage that promises to resonate for generations to come.


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