Top 15 Most Followed Nigerian State Government Handles In Nigeria


In the ever-evolving digital age, social media has become a crucial platform for governments worldwide to engage with their citizens. 

Nigerian state governments are no exception, using Twitter to communicate policies, share updates, and interact with the public. 

Here’s a look at the top 15 most followed Nigerian state government Twitter handles as of May 2024.

1. Lagos State Government (@followlasg) – 1.07M Followers

Lagos State’s Twitter handle, @followlasg, leads the pack by a significant margin, boasting an impressive 1.07 million followers. 

Lagos, being the economic hub of Nigeria, maintains a vibrant online presence, sharing everything from traffic updates to major policy announcements.

2. Oyo State Government (@oyostategovt) – 105K Followers

Oyo State comes in second with 105,000 followers. 

The handle @oyostategovt is well-known for consistently updating residents on state projects and community events, making it a reliable source of information.

3. Ekiti State Government (@ekitistategov) – 100K Followers

Third place is Ekiti State, which has 100,000 followers. The @ekitistategov account is appreciated for its interactive approach, frequently engaging with citizens and addressing their concerns directly on the platform.

4. Delta State Government (@DSGovernment) – 86K Followers

Delta State, with its handle @DSGovernment, has 86,000 followers. Known for its dynamic posts, Delta State utilizes Twitter to highlight its cultural heritage and economic initiatives.

5. Ogun State Government (@OGSG_Official) – 57K Followers

Ogun State’s official handle, @OGSG_Official, follows with 57,000 followers. The account regularly shares updates on infrastructure developments and public health campaigns, keeping the populace well-informed.

6. Kwara State Government (@followKWSG) – 51K Followers

@followKWSG, Kwara State’s official Twitter handle, has garnered 51,000 followers. The handle is known for its transparency, often posting detailed reports on governmental activities and expenditures.

7. Borno State Government (@BornoGovt) – 45K Followers

Borno State, with 45,000 followers on its handle @BornoGovt, uses Twitter to communicate its efforts in tackling security challenges and rebuilding efforts, providing hope and information to its citizens.

8. Akwa Ibom State Government (@aksgovt) – 45K Followers

Sharing the same follower count as Borno, Akwa Ibom State’s @aksgovt account also has 45,000 followers. The handle is a go-to source for updates on the state’s industrial projects and tourism initiatives.

9. Kaduna State Government (@contactkdsg) – 38K Followers

With 38,000 followers, Kaduna State’s @contactkdsg is ninth on the list. This handle is praised for its proactive communication on education reforms and investment opportunities within the state.

10. Kebbi State Government (@KBStGovt) – 31K Followers

@KBStGovt, the official handle for Kebbi State, has 31,000 followers. The account frequently updates followers on agricultural developments and local festivals, reflecting the state’s cultural vibrancy.

11. Zamfara State Government (@Zamfara_state) – 18K Followers

With 18,000 followers, Zamfara State’s handle, @Zamfara_state, is recognized for its efforts in sharing security updates and developmental news, particularly focusing on agriculture and mining sectors.

12. Edo State Government (@EdoStateGovt) – 16K Followers

Edo State’s Twitter handle, @EdoStateGovt, has 16,000 followers. The account actively posts about the state’s cultural events, educational programs, and economic policies, engaging citizens and promoting state pride.

13. Kogi State Government (@LugardHouse) – 15K Followers

@LugardHouse, representing Kogi State, has 15,000 followers. This handle is notable for its frequent updates on infrastructure projects and health initiatives, aiming to keep residents informed and involved.

14. Benue State Government (@benuestategovt) – 14K Followers

Benue State’s official Twitter account, @benuestategovt, with 14,000 followers, focuses on agriculture, health, and education. The handle is appreciated for its detailed posts on state government activities and public services.

15. Bauchi State Government (@BauchiState) – 13K Followers

Rounding out the list is Bauchi State’s handle, @BauchiState, with 13,000 followers. The account provides regular updates on state initiatives, economic developments, and community programs, ensuring a steady flow of information to its followers.


The increasing follower counts of these state government handles reflect a growing trend of digital engagement between the Nigerian government and its citizens. 

Through these platforms, state governments can effectively communicate policies, provide real-time updates, and foster a sense of community. 

As these handles continue to grow, they will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping public perception and enhancing governmental transparency.


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