Top 10 World’s Largest Refineries


The global energy landscape is shaped by a network of refineries that are crucial in processing crude oil into valuable products. 

Among these, some refineries stand out for their colossal refining capacities.

In this blog post, we’ll go into the details of the top 10 largest refineries globally, exploring their capacities, locations, and significance in the energy industry.

1. Jamnagar Refinery, India

The Jamnagar Refinery in India is topping the list, boasting an impressive refining capacity of 1,240,000 barrels per day (bpd). This refinery complex is located in Gujarat and is a key player in meeting India’s growing energy demands.

2. Paraguana Refinery Complex, Venezuela

The Paraguana Refinery Complex in Venezuela secures the second spot with a refining capacity of 971,000 bpd. Despite facing economic challenges, Venezuela’s refinery remains a major contributor to the global oil market.

3. Ruwais Refinery, UAE

The United Arab Emirates claims the third position with the Ruwais Refinery, boasting a refining capacity of 922,000 bpd. This facility plays a crucial role in the region’s energy infrastructure.

4. Ulsan Refinery, South Korea

South Korea’s Ulsan Refinery, with a capacity of 840,000 bpd, secures the fourth spot. As one of the largest refineries in Asia, it significantly contributes to meeting the region’s energy demands.

5. Yeosu Refinery, South Korea

Another South Korean giant, the Yeosu Refinery, follows closely with a refining capacity of 800,000 bpd. Its strategic location makes it a vital hub for refining activities in the region.

6. Onsan Refinery, South Korea

The Onsan Refinery, also situated in South Korea, secures the sixth spot with a refining capacity of 669,000 bpd. It contributes significantly to the country’s industrial growth with other South Korean refineries.

7. Dangote Refinery, Nigeria

Nigeria’s Dangote Refinery takes the seventh position with a refining capacity of 650,000 bpd. This mega-refinery is a testament to Africa’s increasing role in the global oil industry.

8. Port Arthur Refinery, USA

In the eighth spot is the Port Arthur Refinery in the United States, boasting a refining capacity of 640,000 bpd. As one of the largest refineries in North America, it plays a crucial role in meeting domestic fuel demands.

9. Beaumont Refinery, USA

The United States secures another spot in the top 10 with the Beaumont Refinery, which has a refining capacity of 630,000 bpd. Together with other refineries in the country, it contributes to the nation’s energy security.

10. Al Zour Refinery, Kuwait

Rounding off the top 10 is the Al Zour Refinery in Kuwait, with a refining capacity of 615,000 bpd. It plays a pivotal role in Kuwait’s oil processing capabilities in a key oil-producing region.


These top 10 refineries stand as giants in the global refining industry, influencing regional and international energy markets.

As we navigate the complexities of the energy transition, these refineries continue to play a critical role in meeting the world’s increasing demand for refined products. 

Their strategic locations and massive capacities position them as key players in shaping the future of the global energy landscape.


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