Top 10 Nigerian Tech Startups Making Waves


Nigeria’s tech startup ecosystem has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, with several innovative companies emerging to address local and global challenges. Nigerian startups leverage technology from fintech to agritech and health tech to disrupt industries and create significant impact. In this article at Naijassador, we’ll explore the top 10 Nigerian tech startups making waves in various sectors.

1. Flutterwave

The leading fintech provider of payment solutions to companies in Africa is Flutterwave. Flutterwave’s cutting-edge payment infrastructure allows smooth card payments, bank transfers, and mobile money transfers. The business completed a $250 million investment round in 2022[2], securing its place as one of Africa’s most valuable fintech businesses.

2. Moove

Moove is a Nigerian-born mobility fintech company that focuses on providing vehicle financing solutions for ride-hailing drivers. Moove offers flexible vehicle financing options through its platform, empowering drivers to access affordable transportation solutions. Moove’s $181.8 million fundraising in 2022 demonstrated its significance and quick expansion in the mobility industry.

3. ThriveAgric

ThriveAgric is revolutionizing agriculture in Nigeria by connecting smallholder farmers with investors through its crowdfunding platform. Investors can sponsor farm projects and earn investment returns, while farmers receive funding and support to improve their yields. With a funding round of $56.4 million in 2022, ThriveAgric continues to empower farmers and drive agricultural development.

4. TeamApt

TeamApt is a Nigerian fintech company specializing in financial services and infrastructure for banks and businesses. The company’s solutions range from digital banking platforms to payment processing systems, enabling seamless financial transactions. With a funding round of $50 million in 2022, TeamApt is expanding its reach and transforming the financial services landscape in Nigeria.

5. Reliance Health

Reliance Health is a health tech startup offering individuals and businesses telemedicine and health insurance solutions. Users can access virtual consultations with healthcare professionals and purchase affordable health insurance plans through its platform. In 2022, Reliance Health raised $40 million in funding, reflecting its commitment to improving healthcare accessibility and affordability.

6. Bamboo

Bamboo is a Nigerian fintech startup that provides investment opportunities in global financial markets. Users can invest in stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other financial instruments worldwide through its platform. With a funding round of $15 million in 2022, Bamboo is empowering Nigerians to participate in global investment opportunities and build wealth.

7. Umba

Umba, a digital bank, offers financial services specially made to satisfy the needs of African clients. Through its mobile app, Umba offers easy and accessible banking products, ranging from savings accounts to personal loans. The business raised $15 million in funding in 2022, indicating its potential to revolutionize the banking industry in Nigeria and elsewhere.

8. Vendease

Vendease is a B2B e-commerce platform that connects restaurants and food vendors with suppliers. Vendease helps organizations decrease expenses and increase productivity by digitizing the procurement process. Vendease promotes innovation in the food industry and assists small business expansion with a $30 million funding round in 2022.

9. Farmcrowdy

Farmcrowdy is a leading agritech startup that empowers smallholder farmers through its crowdfunding platform. Investors can sponsor farm projects and earn investment returns, while farmers receive funding and support to improve their agricultural practices. Farmcrowdy’s innovative model has garnered recognition and investment, positioning it as a key player in Nigeria’s agricultural transformation.

10. Crop2Cash

Crop2Cash is revolutionizing access to finance for smallholder farmers in Nigeria through its digital platform. The company provides farmers instant access to credit and financial services, enabling them to purchase inputs, increase productivity, and improve their livelihoods. With its inclusive approach to financial inclusion, Crop2Cash is driving sustainable agricultural development and empowering rural communities.


The Nigerian tech startup ecosystem is vibrant and dynamic, with innovative companies driving progress across various sectors. From fintech to agritech and health tech, these top 10 startups are making waves with their transformative solutions and impactful initiatives. They are transforming sectors, advancing Nigeria’s economic development, and enhancing its competitiveness internationally as it grows and spreads.


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