Top 10 Most Streamed Artists in Nigeria 2023


The year 2023 marked an era of unprecedented growth in Nigeria’s vibrant music scene, witnessed through the digital lens of streaming giant Spotify. 

This auditory renaissance was not just about the rhythm and rhyme but also the stories and struggles conveyed through the medium of music. 

The following artists didn’t just dominate the streaming charts; they became the narrators of Nigeria’s contemporary cultural saga, each bringing a unique flavor to the dynamic auditory feast that is Nigerian music.

1. Asake


2023 has seen a seismic shift in Nigeria’s music streaming charts, with Asake claiming the throne as the most streamed artist on Spotify. 

A newcomer relatively, Asake’s meteoric rise is a testament to his unique sound—a blend of infectious Afrobeats rhythms and urban street vibes. 

His tracks have not just dominated the charts but also the hearts of millions, marking a fresh wave of musical influence emanating from the vibrant streets of Nigeria’s bustling cities.

2. Burna Boy

Burna Boy, the Afro-fusion maestro, continues to solidify his global footprint, sitting proudly at number two. 

An artist who needs no introduction, his genre-bending melodies and powerful lyrics speak to a generation eager for change and recognition. 

Burna Boy’s music is a bridge between the ancestral and the modern, and his unwavering popularity is a clear indicator of the lasting impact he has on the Nigerian music scene.

3. Davido

At number three, Davido remains an unwavering force in the Nigerian music industry. 

His consistency is as admirable as his ability to churn out hit after hit, creating anthems that resonate across borders. 

Davido’s artistry is a fusion of catchy hooks and dance-inspiring beats, proving that he’s not just a star but a musical luminary who keeps shining year after year.

4. Seyi Vibez

The fourth spot is claimed by Seyi Vibez, whose soulful melodies and introspective lyrics have etched him into the hearts of fans. 

Seyi has been the industry’s dark horse, proving that with raw talent and relentless passion, any artist can rise to prominence. 

His songs are a tapestry of his experiences, woven with the threads of relatability and raw emotion, striking a chord with a wide audience.

5. Omah Lay

Fifth-ranked Omah Lay is the voice of the youth, an artist who encapsulates the spirit of the Nigerian dream. 

His music is a reflection of the trials and triumphs of young Nigerians, and his ability to articulate this in song has garnered him streams in the millions. 

Omah Lay’s narrative is one of hope and resilience, and his position on this list signifies the impact of his message.

6. Bnxn

In the sixth position, Bnxn (formerly known as Buju) has distinguished himself as a harmonic storyteller. 

His music is an array of layered sounds that create a backdrop for his soul-stirring lyrics. 

Bnxn’s approach to music is like painting on a sonic canvas, where each stroke is a note, and every color is a beat, resulting in masterpieces that resonate with a diverse audience.

7. Rema

The seventh slot belongs to Rema, the young Afrobeats prodigy whose meteoric rise has been nothing short of spectacular. 

His futuristic sounds and vibrant persona have made him a standout figure in the industry.

Rema’s music transcends traditional genres, reflecting a hybrid of influences that have captivated a global audience and secured his spot as a streaming favorite.

8. OdumoduBlvck

OdumoduBlvck, occupying the eighth position, is a testament to the power of genre-defying music. 

His approach is unorthodox, his style eclectic, and his presence on this list speaks volumes about the appetite for bold and experimental sounds in Nigeria’s music industry. 

His ability to weave indigenous languages with contemporary beats makes his music a cultural mosaic that is both impactful and refreshing.

9. Olamide

Ninth-ranked Olamide is a figure who needs little introduction. Known as the street king, his every release turns to streaming gold.

Olamide’s music is a homage to the streets that raised him, and his storytelling is as potent as ever. 

With a career that has spanned over a decade, his position on this list is a reminder of his indelible mark on the Nigerian music landscape.

10. Wizkid

Rounding out the top ten is Wizkid, the global ambassador of Afrobeats. His inclusion is a nod to his enduring appeal and his role in taking Nigerian music to the international stage. 

Wizkid’s melodies are a fusion of African rhythms and global beats, resulting in a sound that is universally appealing. 

As the tenth most-streamed artist, he continues to be a pivotal figure in showcasing the richness of Nigerian music to the world.


The list of 2023’s most streamed artists encapsulates the vibrant pulse of Nigeria’s music scene.

These artists, from Asake to Wizkid, are not merely names on a chart; they are the storytellers of a nation, each song a thread in the broader narrative of Nigerian culture. 

Their rhythms and rhymes resonate as the soundtrack of a year, echoing the diverse beats of Nigeria’s heart.


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