Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria (See Full List)


Have you been searching for the most in demand jobs in Nigeria? Let’s guide you briefly on the top 10 careers in Nigeria with the highest paying jobs opportunity in the job market.

The rate of hardship in Nigeria, resulting from the economic instability has caused unemployment rate to also increase. However, there are every need to be successful, that’s why we feel it’s ideal to study and to know the right career path to choose. The career paths you take help make you reach a maximum and sustainable height of success in the overcrowded job market.

Also, before you dive into any opportunity, ask yourself this little question – what skills are in-demand in Nigeria? Do I have the skills? Once you have a clearer view and understanding of the industry that finds your interest carry out your own research on what’s needed. This will help increase your chance of getting employed easily.

Always refer to this list of top paying jobs in Nigeria and apply on any one that has your choice.

1. Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineers play a critical role in Nigeria’s economy, as the country is a major oil producer. They are responsible for designing and overseeing the extraction of oil and gas, ensuring efficient and safe operations in this lucrative industry.

If you find your way The this lucrative industry and get employed by any of the top oil companies in Nigeria you can be earning a direct salary of 12 million naira per year which is about 1,000,000 naira monthly. To become a petroleum engineer,you must have to complete a five year course on the faculty of petroleum engineering and obtain the required certification from any approved university in Nigeria.

2. Medical Doctors And surgeons

Surgeons, especially those specializing in fields like neurosurgery or cardiovascular surgery, are among the highest-paid professionals in Nigeria. Their expertise is in high demand, and their work saves countless lives.

Medical doctors are highly paid health professionals. As a medical doctor you don’t just bear the name you work for the name. It’s a profession that requires good number of years of study. A medical professional handles people’s life with care it’s something worth paying for they understands humans lives as if they had made them.

There are many branches of medicine and area of specialization in this field. Themedicaldoctors who specialize in special types of health issues like surgery, dentistry etc. And special types of surgery including neurosurgery, cardio-surgery and the likes.

Specialists on those fields earnwith salary ranges from 650,000 thousand to 2.5 million naira monthly. These payments can be more then fixed depending on the sector you serve – private or public sector. Moreover a medical doctor and surgeon can operate both private and public hospitals.

3. Investment Banker

The service of investment bankers are sought-after, and in asset management agencies, banks and other financial institutions. Their services include raising capital investment, responding to customers queries providing creative innovation ideas to improving the firm.

An accountant, banking and finance graduates and from related field of study Can still become an investment banker. The monthly salary of an investment banker ranges from N150,000 to N1.5M.

4. Telecommunications Engineer

With the rapid growth of the telecommunications sector in Nigeria, telecommunications engineers are in high demand. They design and maintain networks, ensuring seamless and cutting edge communication experience across the users.

The leading telecommunication system in Nigeria like Airtel, MTN, Glo etceteraare some of the fastest growing industries making up the highest paying jobs industries in Nigeria.

To work in the telecommunication industry as an engineer you need a bachelor degree in telecommunication engineering from any approved institution of learning. Telecommunication Engineers in Nigeria earn from N220,000 to N1.2M monthly salary.

5. Software Developer

In the digital age, software developers are the architects behind the apps and software we rely on daily. A software developer/engineer develops and manages companies software. his roles include accurate maintenance of the software and other necessities. The opportunities in this field and of related fields are highly sought-after. Securing an Employment Opportunity in this field requires your expert technical skills however the payout is high.

The most interesting part of the opportunities available in IT or software developments and management companies can be secured and executed remotely, which means as a software engineer you can likely work from the comfort of your home or office.

The salary of a software engineer ranges from N200,000 to N2.5M monthly.

6. Pharmacists

Pharmacists are essential in the healthcare sector, ensuring that patients receive the right medications and guidance.A pharmacist assist a medical doctor in dispensing medicinal substances to the patient. A professional in this field also helps evaluate the components and chemical interaction of a drugs and also provide another alternative treatment; they are the ‘Doctors of the people’.

To become a licensed pharmacist, you need to back a B.pharm degree in pharmacy from any approved institution. This will take a 5 year university course and another one year training followed by a compulsory examination before being inducted into the pharmacist council of Nigeria (PCN).

Just like a medical doctor and other professionals in other professional field, a pharmacist can choose to work in a private or government pharmacy. And earn a salary of up to N1.1M monthly depending on the employing firm.

7. Lawyers

Legal professionals, particularly experienced lawyers in specialized fields like corporate law or intellectual property, command impressive salaries due to their expertise in solving legal matters.Lawyers act as savior to some people. They can save you a life sentence and money.

An experienced lawyer does not really rely on the salary paid by the law firm alone they partner with other firms and companies as their legal adviser and consultant.

To become a lawyer in Nigeria you must invest your time in school just as the case with medical doctors, A lawyer can spend up to seven years studying in the university.A bachelor’s degree in law is the first required degree needed before a compulsory examination as a way to being inducted into the Nigerian Bars Association(NBA).

The salary of a lawyer in Nigeria is between N150,000 and N1.5M.

8. Pilots

Pilots are responsible for safely transporting passengers and cargo by air. With the growth of the aviation industry in Nigeria, experienced pilots are in high demand and make up one of the best paying jobs in the Nigerian Job Market.

Flying airplanes helicopters cargo planes in other types of aircraft it’s not a random profession; it is a profession that requires attention to details. Pilot controls the lives of hundreds of passengers on the air, at a time.

To become a pilot in Nigeria, you only pass through an approved school of aviation. It takes only four years to finish the study.

A new entry pilot earns between N250,000 to N800,000. Captains earn from N800,000 to N3,000,000.

9. Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer designs, develop, and maintain electrical systems. Their contributions are critical to powering Nigeria’s infrastructure and many industries.

Electrical engineering skills are highly sought after in Nigeria perhaps it’s a risky profession. A skilled engineer can operate and maintain very many types of electrical and electronic infrastructures and appliances. Companies like ExxonMobil, Chevron, Lextorah, Lambart Holding and Nigerian Power Holding Companies pays electrical engineers so fair.

The salary of an electrical engineer in Nigeria cuts across N800,000 to N2,000,000 per month.

10. College Lecturer

Pursuing a career in education can be a very profitable move. The versatility of aiming at this profession is that an experienced lecturer can create one’s own schedule or work remotely with online institutional learning.

As a qualified lecturer who has acquired all the necessary skills and qualifications you can get hired by both private and government colleges.

Lectures earn massively from N1,000,000 to N1.5M naira monthly.

Final thought

At the time of writing this comprehensive guide those are the top ten highest paying jobs in Nigeria with good salary structure. You can browse job directory sites like for more information on how apply.

Remember that the job market is dynamic, and salaries may vary based on factors like experience, location, and industry trends. To stay competitive, consider continuous learning, networking, and staying updated with industry developments.