Top 10 Africa’s Best Cities For Startups


Africa’s startup ecosystem is thriving, with numerous cities emerging as pivotal hubs for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

The 2024 Global Startup Ecosystem Index highlights the top cities leading this transformative landscape. 

From Lagos to Addis Ababa, these cities are not just economic centers but also innovative beacons, shaping the future of technology and business in Africa. 

Let’s explore these dynamic cities that offer the best environments for startups.

1. Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, the bustling metropolis of Nigeria, stands out as the premier startup destination in Africa.

Known as Nigeria’s economic powerhouse, Lagos hosts an array of fintech, edtech, and healthtech startups. 

The city’s vibrant culture and substantial consumer market make it an attractive spot for budding enterprises.

2. Cairo, Egypt

As the capital of Egypt, Cairo blends historical richness with modern innovation. 

The city has seen a significant influx of venture capital and has a strong support system for startups, particularly in technology-driven sectors. 

Its strategic location also makes it a gateway for entrepreneurs looking to bridge markets between Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

3. Nairobi, Kenya

Dubbed “Silicon Savannah,” Nairobi is renowned for its revolutionary mobile money advancements. 

The city boasts a robust startup ecosystem supported by international investors and local venture funds. 

Nairobi’s progressive regulatory environment further fosters innovation, making it a nurturing ground for startups.

4. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is not only South Africa’s legislative capital but also a leading innovation hub. 

It is home to a variety of tech startups and has a strong entrepreneurial culture, enhanced by top-tier universities that provide a steady flow of skilled graduates. 

The city’s scenic landscapes and vibrant cultural scene add to its appeal as a startup hub.

5. Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg is South Africa’s biggest city and the economic heart of the country. 

It offers a mature startup ecosystem with well-established networks of angel investors and venture capitalists. 

The city’s infrastructure and cosmopolitan nature make it an ideal location for technology-driven businesses.

6. Victoria, Seychelles

Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, may be small, but it is increasingly becoming known for its business-friendly environment. 

Its strategic positioning as an offshore financial center provides unique financial structuring opportunities for startups, particularly in the fintech sector.

7. Dakar, Senegal

Dakar is on the rise as a key player in the African startup ecosystem, driven by an emerging young, tech-savvy population. 

The Senegalese government’s commitment to digital transformation and entrepreneurship is evident through various initiatives aimed at empowering startups and small businesses.

8. Accra, Ghana

Accra is witnessing a surge in its startup culture, fueled by an educated workforce and a supportive regulatory environment. 

The city has become a focal point for tech startups, with numerous incubators and accelerators facilitating growth and innovation.

9. Port Louis, Mauritius

Port Louis is not just Mauritius’s economic hub but also a burgeoning center for startups. 

The city offers a stable political climate, favorable tax conditions, and access to African and Asian markets, making it a compelling choice for new businesses.

10. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is at the forefront of Ethiopia’s economic expansion and technological advancement. 

The city’s growing infrastructure, access to a large market, and increasing number of STEM graduates provide fertile ground for startups.


These ten cities exemplify the dynamic and diverse nature of Africa’s startup ecosystem. Each city offers unique opportunities and challenges, contributing to a rich landscape of innovation across the continent. 

Entrepreneurs looking to make a mark in the startup world would do well to consider these vibrant cities. 

As noted in the 2024 Global Startup Ecosystem Index, these hubs are not merely places of business but crucibles of technological advancement and innovation in Africa.


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