Our Pick of this Week is an app that comes in very handy for owners of retail stores, grocery stores, retail and wholesale pharmacies and every other business that is interested in reducing the number of expiries and increasing profitability by ensuring products do not expire on them. This is a must-have if continued expiration is an issue.

This app also alerts consumers on retail stores near them that have near to expiry products are highly discounted prices. 

About this app:
Nearexpirydeals app is helping many families live a quality life by providing a platform for buying short-dated products (drugs, food, consumables, and others at greatly discounted prices.

App provides a WIN-WIN solution for vendors and consumers. The drug section of the app runs on B2B model while the other parts run on B2C!
The website (www.nearexpirydeals.com) provides a dedicated site for pharmacies to upload their short-dated drugs so that other pharmacies and doctors who need such drugs can see them and buy them out online.

The app is also for selling any other item asides drugs. These include consumables, groceries, cosmetics and so on. Most superstores play here.

Nearexpirydeals is an exceptional initiative that goes way beyond a commercial app to a major social enterprise that has the potential to reduce hunger, minimize wastage, increase access to medicines, create jobs, save lives, reduce the incidence of poisoning from expired drugs, consumables, groceries, food, and other items.

We classify Nearexpirydeals as an ATTITUDE of Quality, Safety, Cost Reduction and Loss Management.
Adopt the Nearexpirydeals attitude today by downloading the app from google play store or the iPhone store.

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For more information, go to www.nearexpirydeals and register to get wonderful deals.