Why I think Sahara Reporters ranks higher than most of our National Newspapers.


First of all, this article has nothing to do with the presidential ambition of the owner of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore but this is probably why he has gathered the morale to contest for the presidency in the forthcoming 2019 Nigerian elections.

I have been reading from Sahara reporters for a while and even though I do not necessarily agree with everything on the site, I see some things that have made it a little more reliable than most of the already established newspapers in Nigeria and I say this with every sense of responsibility.

Fact remains that many of our media houses are no longer fact-finding. They merely look for an easy way out just to report something for people to read. A lot of them are obviously reporting as ‘reported’. Kudos must be given to Sowore and his team. Even though I am not sure Sahara reporters should be seen as a news media, they do their research, fact-finding and present cases as they unfold.

However, much more importantly, they do their follow-ups. There is no point reporting something that dies a natural death without a follow-up. This has been the landmark of Sahara reporters.
Also, the activist in Sowore is clearly reflected in Sahara Reporters. His fearless approach is evident in the reportage.

Truth is that if you want to get ‘real’ news without the usual political garnishing as done in the mainstream news media, Sahara Reporters should be a likely destination.


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