The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled in favor of legalizing gay marriage across America’s 50 states. The news hit the Nigerian internet and well, you guys didn’t take it too well.

From Linda Ikeji Blog,

Nnenna Somto Esione:

Chichi igbo shud change name to Chichi ekwensu

ibife lilly-west:

Oyibo don finish oooooo


Sodom and gomorrah is nothing compared to wat is happening today’…lord have mercy!!!


You have not won nothing.It is not victory if you will still end up in hell.Hell is real.No gays, lesbians ,transgenders will make heaven.Except , EXCEPT a man be born again ,he can not see the kingdom of God.God will not argue with mortal man.If and when you die,you will come face to face with reality.If you are not gay but support and encourage gays you will not be exempt from hell fire.Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around it were wiped out for the sins these evil people are now legalizing .legalizing abomination.legalizing evil,legalizing sin.The way to hell is truly wide.Its up to Linda to publish this truth.

Julie kings:

like i cant deal with dz bullshit anymore diz z total madness too ridiculous to a fault…..i guess Obama was brought to this world by two males or maybe females datz y his deranged brain can legalise such abominable/despicable act…..smh


Just disappointed in Obama, maybe one of his daughter is gay cos d way he took d whole thing hmm, Lord hv mercy n bring sanity back to d human race. In this sense we r worse than animals, at least am yet to hear or see 2 animals of d same sex sleeping with each other!

From Bella Naija,


Its all about HUMAN rights.People should be able to have the same rights regardless of what other people Religious belief are.
Freedom and justice for all!!!
If your religion is wrong to marry a person of the same sex then don’t!!Happy Day for GAY MARRIAGE.


Nahhhhhhh, BN is DEFINITELY censoring comments on this post


the world is truly closer to the end…. nonsense to whosoever calls him/herself gay or lesbian…. you are an idiot… and i say again…

Stupid supporters too… when God made Adam He made Steve??? He made EVE, stupid people with their supporters….Anyways, as for the US, yáll watch out the ensuing event following this stupid rule…na Una go tire for the mess…. What happened to ancient Rome will repeat itself….remember Greece/Persian etc…all of them…. go and read your Bible, Daniel 9-11 precisely…

And those sympathizers, see urselves…. stupid blind people following blind people…. open your smelly mouth and say you are gay near me NA HOT AMALACious SLAP i go land ya dirty face…. It will Not and NEVER be allowed here in this country…. in Jesus name…. we uphold our virtues and values.

Thank God for the Love of Christ that has clearly spelt out that men shall be lovers of themselves because those perilous times are here…so we are not deceived by the lies of the devil and his partners!!!

#BN ensure you post my comments oo….coz it would seem you are promoting this utter nonsense! Not all supports it so air our views!!! ASAP!!!

A Real Nigerian:

I don’t know which is more horrible, your hypocrisy or your backward mindset.
The world is truly closer to its end?? LOOOL. We’ve had wars on a global scale, deadly natural disasters, epidemics and pandemics and legalisation of gay marriage is what’s gonna make the world end? Can you even hear yourself?
What happened to ancient Rome? What happened to ancient Greece? What happened to the Persians? Are you one of those uninformed people who think homosexuality ended them?
You speak about “love” from your God, but all I see are insults, double standards, ignorance and hate.
Go back to your cave, neanderthal.

Really, guys?